How do you know how much novolg to take depending on blood sugar levels

Hello everyone.Im new here and I need some help controlling my sugar levels.My doc just prescribed novolog to me.Im not sure how much insuline I should take.My doc just makes it sound so complicated,please help

It’s a different amount for each individual. I take one unit rapid insulin to drop my blg’s 1 mmol (18 points for US). There is really good information at where you can find calculators to figure out your dosage. If you are new to insulin, however, I would strongly recommend you work with your doctor and/or diabetes educator to work out what you need to take to lower your sugars.

My doctor gave me a sliding scale with a base that I start with. I am taking 5 units of Novolog as a base pre-meal with a sliding scale for correction over my target range of 70 - 120. so if my blood sugar is 125. I take my base of 5 units and then I look at my correction chart. for me that would be +1 more unit of Novolog. Your case may be different. I wrote out my chart in the beginning and kept it with my glucose meter. If I were you I would get better guidelines from your Doctor and if he needs to write it out for you have him do that.

what is your understanding of what your doctor instructed?

I base my insulin on the carb count of what I am eating and what my blood sugar is before I eat. Of course I have been on insulin quite a while and I have learned to read my body. Like right now I take 1 unit of insulin for every 15 grams of carbs I eat. As for correction 1 unit of insulin will drop my blood sugar 25 points. So say I am 150, I would take 1 unit which ideally should bring me down to 125. Are you seeing an endo or a GP? If you are not seeing an endo I would ask for a referral to one.