How do you sustain long-term motivation against Covid-19?

Your tale of transformation illustrates beautifully how a life threatening event can be used to reframe how we look at life. This reframing is certainly possible without a shocking event but a health crisis often removes the optional nature of that reframing.

Yet a health crisis can be misinterpreted and used to travel down ineffective and unhealthy paths. Wallowing in self-pity, choosing anger instead of working toward acceptance, or even denying the reality of a loss of health are traps many people fall into. I’ve certainly explored all those dead-end perspectives in my life.

Congrats on exercising your emotional intelligence to reframe a frightening diagnosis to give you the best chance of overcoming it in the end. While I’ve never been threatened by cancer, I have been stalked by heart disease for the last few years. The power to reframe has made all the difference to me, not only in my daily quality of life, but also in my health choices to mitigate this existential threat.

One way of understanding the nature of human life is the philosophical tension between fate and free will. None of us can influence what life will throw at us but we get to choose how to respond.

Your story inspires me and also reminds me that age and maturity is not requisite for wisdom. You are, I believe, much younger than me and have used wisdom to make your life better. Good for you!