You ok?

Just checking in! We are good so far. Have food and meds. Kids shared a Netflix account with us. Walking several times a day. Some days I make my 6,000 steps, occasionally I don’t. Cold, storms can interrupt . Nancy50


So far, good. We have started the please don’t go out if you don’t have too. But we had decided to be holed up anyways as of last Saturday. We have a curfew and they have asked tourists to go home. We still don’t have very many cases but it is starting to show up. We have our first 2 with community spread, otherwise it has been people that have traveled somewhere else and came here.

My husband is taking his walks earlier because of the curfew. I have always used my exercise bike so that’s no different. Plenty of supplies. Fresh lettuce, avocados at a honor stand down the street from a local farmer and tomatoes at another stand. So no interaction with anyone which is great!

Ugh, the Normals are already cracking up. This could get ugly. I know that you all are going to function well. Its the Normals that are rapidly becoming unglued. Try to keep your Normals functioning at some basic level. They are eating up an unusual amount of resources all of a sudden. I dont think that they have any basic skill set to deal with this. I hadn’t anticipated that, if I’m honest.


Yeah, I’m OK. Since I’m an introvert, this is an easier adjustment for me. I’m so lucky to have a young neighbor and an adult child both willing to get groceries for me. It feels a bit strange since I’m an independent sort. But I realize, in this case, strength comes from a little flexibility.

I had an idea yesterday to go to my local farmer’s market to pick up some produce. When I read the market web-site, it indicated that they were taking the virus seriously and putting in place many measures to help with public health. But then I read that they are discouraging anyone over the age of 60 or people with immune system malfunctions from attending. I realized they were right and I dropped the idea.

I’m spending too much time online and intend to reign that back in. I have engaged in long phone conversations with several family members and that helps to bring some balance to my day.

Exercising also helps. I’m getting out to walk for about an hour each day and the last few days of sunshine does feel good. Rain is in the forecast for several days this coming week. My rebounder (mini-trampoline) is giving me needed exercise. It’s known for good effects on the lymph system, bone density, and balance. I was somewhat reluctant to buy a piece of exercise equipment for my small living space but now, as I hide from the virus, my decision last summer seems prescient!

My dog provides me comforting companionship and I feel lucky for his presence. All in all, life is good. I do find meaning in doing my part for the good of the greater society. If all I contribute is eliminating passing on this virus to at least one person, then I’ve reduced some pain and suffering. More importantly, hiding out now reduces some stress on the heroes working on the front-lines in the hospital.

I’ve calibrated my expectations for the duration of this physical distancing at three months, ending in early June. I hope I’m right. I can do this.


My wife and I are on day 10 of self isolation at home. We have had to shop a few times (grocery and home repair supplies) but are as confident as we can be that we took plenty of precautions to not bring the virus home. We allowed our daughter to visit yesterday and stayed outdoors with good distance between us all. Fingers crossed.

Based on my observations at Home Depot (and the Costco parking lot next door) I sent an email to the governor asking him to shut down the big box stores and construction sites. It boggles my mind that construction sites are still open for business.

Here is one perspective on the (lack of) success of the measures taken in the Seattle area so far:*slo0sp*_ga*aFRSQVVIWDZibk1rd1dMQjBxVkpUc20wWDZHWmkwSVRFZVJhWG1KNk1SWDV4SGNHVVRCNFN4UnQ2WU9kOFB6bA

This is disappointing but further testament to human short-sightedness. If these people congregating on a nice day at the beach thought this through, they might choose otherwise. If they thought that their actions would actually take the life of a relative, friend, or acquaintance, I hope they would choose otherwise.

I realize that a small slice of humanity just can’t see beyond their selfish nose. I need to remind myself that the vast majority of society do get it and are doing the right thing. Unfortunately, government leaders will be forced to take more drastic measures for the common good and I understand the need.


Yes most policies and enforcement need to be set up to manage the lowest common denominator. I worked for a company like that for a while, finally understood that approach after I saw some of the crazy thoughtless behavior some people are capable of exhibiting.

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My husband and I are fine. Being introverts, we are used to being home except for walks. My husband is going to the grocery store once or twice a week. He goes at 7:00 am when only older or compromised people are supposed to go.

We are in a small beach town and the town was flooded with mostly young big city folks yesterday. Fireworks were going off last night at 4:00 am. Extremely selfish.

I am quite worried about my son who works in WA St. on an assembly line doing supposedly essential work. He is working very close to almost 300 other workers. Very little is being done to keep them safe. I want to contact the paper, but I don’t want to get my son fired. My mind is kept busy trying to figure out what can be done about the situation. Any one who is not working on the assembly line, works from home. If the assembly line workers stay home they will be fired. When the virus gets to town, the small hospital will be overrun.

I am fine here in rural southwest Wisconsin. Have been joined by one of my sons and a daughter whose work has disappeared for a while. They do grocery shopping for me. Younger friends have called to ask if I need anything. All is well. People here have the flu but it is not the Chinese variety. It seems that variety is limited to Milwaukee and the cities along Lake Michigan towards the Illinois border for now.


Keep well keep safe

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I am in Seville, in the south of Spain. Our president declared us to be in a state of emergency and we have all been in quarantine since 15/3. The constitution allows the state of emergency for two weeks at a time and then congress has to vote on whether to prolong it every fortnight after that. Yesterday the president put in for another two weeks, the congress will vote on Wednesday, though it is just a given that we will get another two weeks quarantine.
epidemiologists and mathematicians have estimated that the peak of the virus here in Spain will be about 11-15 April, just the time that our second two-week period of quaranitine will be at an end, so I think the situation that my country is facing will be for at least another 4-6 weeks.
Amost 2000 people have died here. MOst people are following the rules of quarantine, as heavy fines are now being given to those outside without a good reason. I, like the majority of us lucky enough to have kept our jobs, am working from home. I live alone but have a lot of meetings every day with people at work, so still lots of communication and chat.
Not going out for a run after work in the big park by my house, meeting my runnig group or going for a long cycle at the weekends in the countryside is stressful. My second half marathon of the year was canceled-which should have been yesterday. I have bought myself a smart bike trainer and I am doing everything at home.
I am lucky enough to have a dog so I get outside three times a day.


That’s so funny…I read this and thought…hmmm…sounds familiar…Then read further and saw “Seattle”… Yep…know the location you are talking about!!!

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Yep…our mayor (Edmonds) issued a stay at home order yesterday. There are lots of exemptions including hardware stores and just about every construction activity. Most construction sites (thinking your basic small project) are not going to be effective at isolating the virus. There’s no hot water in those honey buckets…and those guys might stop at the grocery store, mini mart whatever on their way home. My cynical self is thinking there’s something going on behind the curtain that is telling the decision makers to keep construction sites open. Maybe they want the tax revenue to keep coming in, maybe the unions have their ear, not sure what is going on with that.

I’m typically cynical but, with this one I wasn’t, I figured they are allowing hardware stores to stay open so people that have “home projects” they never get around to will use this time to get them done (Keep them busy at home and less likely to go out?). (One of my brothers has already built his stepson a raised garden bed to plant vegetables when it comes time)

As far as construction goes, I figure that one is because maybe it’s because a lot of construction work is done out of doors. It’s easier to have space between people and it’s not an enclosed space??? (Small sites not so much maybe).

I just wish they’d do something about people crowding the beach/parks. Going to the beach isn’t such a bad thing but they need to limit how many people are there at once. Leave it to Seattle to hit 50 degrees and have a bit of sun and rush to the beach. Most people would think that was nuts…

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My wife is experiencing denial with the Covid-19 virus. We live in a NY county where only three cases have been diagnosed. She says that the virus has been present in the US for a few months, and it is not that apparent in out region. She feels that it is safe to shop at our grocery store. I do NOT agree with her! The third case in our county was an employee at a bakery only a couple of miles from our house!

We have argued about this. I have to drive her to the store, she cannot drive a car because of arthritis in her feet, but she does not have trouble walking. She wants me to stay outside the store while she shops with plastic gloves on her hands. I don’t think that is safe enough. We are close together while we drive home, and many times throughout the day. I cannot convince my wife that we should stay home and have our grocery store deliver our groceries. My wife is in denial, and she is very stubborn!

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Tell her that it hangs in the air for three hours. It is respiratory.

How are you guys so far behind us in infection incidence in NY? So confusing. Maybe they just aren’t testing. I know there is a lot of geographic variation.

Consider telling her that you are gonna go live in a tent in the dyard in order to limit contact from her because it is far too much misery to inflict on ones family when members of a family die at once. That is really tough on people. Make it a ‘commitment to your family’ thing. Maybe that helps. I dunno.

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It probably depends on county, the vast majority of the cases in New York are in New York City (over 12,000), Nassau, Westchester, and Suffolk Counties are in the thousands but some counties have less than 5. Seems to be the situation in many of the harder hit areas. In Washington the majority of the cases are in King county, followed by Snohomish, but many counties only report a handful of cases. In California they still have some counties with no reports of the virus. The majority of their cases are in LA County, San Diego County, Santa Clara County and the three counties that surround it.


I have a good friend who lives in NY. She did not worry about the virus as much as I do. Yesterday she was told that a good friend died of the virus and that two other friends were tested and one is now in the hospital. It is possible that my friend was exposed.

I don’t know how you can convince your wife, until she discovers that she knows someone with the virus.


Thanks @mohe0001, I like the idea of a tent in my yard, but it is cold here. We had snow yesterday. We have also had break-ins in our neighborhood, so sleeping outdoors is not safe.
I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. Kids diagnosed back then were not expected to live beyond their teen years. Now I am 80 with 74 years of T1D. If Covid-19 strikes me, I will be very satisfied with a life well-lived. Sorry, that is just my mood at the present time.