How Do You Teach

how do you teach younger kids how to help you, if something happens to you?

I have young nephews and nieces, sometimes I have to babysit them, how do I teach them what to do if I become too incoherent or unconcious?

I taught my little sister to call 911… and if I’m ever feeling low, I “quiz” her and ask her what she should do if ever someone is not OK.

Hi Melissa I hope you are doing well. The short answer is to ALWAYS bring your own supplies (big bottles of pop and tubes of glucose are easy) and WHEN IN DOUBT DIAL 911. The best case scenario is to prevent or catch them a.s.a.p. My biggest supporter (mom) and I came up with a series of complicated “code words” (long sentences really) that we would change every month.

The first thing you need to do is to educate all the people in your life what it is, and can mean to go too low, and not to panic and everything will be just fine. It is fantastic, and necessary to encourage everyone you know to be aware that the job of managing tight control is extremely difficult, and sooner or later family, friends and coworkers may have to assist you. None of us can do this alone.

If you are curious about my journey regarding the “code word” please go to Oprah’s Diabetes Support Board at and you will see “Diabetes The Real Cost” and look for chapter Ten. I hope this helps.

Love Always
The Anonymous Diabetic.

the thing is I have had diabetes for almost 20 years and the only people that actually did anything were adults. now that Im an adult and saw this Youtube video about a little girl recognizing that her father was low, I started thinking, how do you teach that to a child without complicating it. I am a technical type person and I swear I confuse even someone my age about how to help me.

Hi melissa. I have a 6 year old son and have ben concerned about that as well. I have told him times that I have felt Low and he has gotten me juice from the fridge.I just tell him about my BG getting low and it makes me feel kind of sick so juice/carbs helps me feel better. I have also told that if Iwas ever unconscious _ “sleeping and not waking up” to call 911. I told him that the people on the phone will come right over that soneone will stay on the phone with him so he won’t feel alone.
You could say that if you ever started acting really strange to get your glucose tabs or drink. They can always call 911 or a family member if they were scared.
Hope that helps!

I don’t have any children that I’m in direct contact with but I’ve often wondered as I’m helping my sister in law with my nephews as she is going back to school. My nephews aren’t old enough to assist me if I go low so I’m not sure it’s a great idea as they are 2 and 3. But with my boyfriend and he can be a kid sometimes, we have a set list of rules. He knows to start at number one and if by number four I don’t respond, he’s to call 911. Also on the list is what insulin I’m on, the amounts and times, and my endo’s number. Also, if for some reason I become really goofy and start acting like an idiot, he knows how to treat my high and then just to be on the safe side he’s to call 911.


Just how young are your nieces and nephews? Depending on age, show them how to test you. Have them test you. Let them know were your supplies are so that they can bring them to you. Show them how to handle a low. Just remember to put it on their level.

I bought the my younger daughter the 50/50 monkey that has a pump so that she would understand what it meant to be on a pump. She also has a box that has all sorts of “diabetic supplies” in it. I gave her an old meter, lancet device w/o the lancet, insulin pens w/o needles, etc. She gets more excited about my diabetic toys than I do because she knows that she will get my old stuff to play with. My daughter now wants me to get her a medical alert bracelet.

the niece is only 2 but the youngest nephew is 7 and the oldest is 11.

The two year old needs the toys and a play telephone. I’d be interested to hear if anyone has their 2 year old trained to dial. I’ve seen 2 year olds go get someone else. You can train the 2 year old to get supplies you need and get used to that, get used to seeing you test, etc.
The 7 and 11 year olds should already know about 911. They should be used to seeing you test. They should see the numbers on the meter and hear explanations of what 50 means. What may happen as the numbers go below 50.
Both can be relied on to note you’re shaking, or sleeping, or not doing what you said you’d do. They can remember that if you’re “asked a question about what you’re doing and [you] don’t answer it right”, to dial 911.
Both can remember that if they ask you if they should phone 911 and you don’t answer straight out “NO”, to call it!
They both can know if you don’t open your mouth for the gel, call 911.
The refrig can be used as a place to post a paper at their level: Call 911 when: I don’t answer questions right.
Take off from that and do some play acting.