How does everyone keep up with there medications without coverage?

I am not insured and my insulin is like 90 dollars a bottle plus my lantus bottle, don’t get me started with my strips and all the other supplies i endure in a month.So does anyone know of a special program or anything that will assit me in buying my medications.You know it is funny having a chronic disease some ins.wont cover you, and the goverment won’t help you.I get so upset and think what about the diabetics out there, that cant even afford one bottle or even control there bloodsugar without the proper supplies!!They are out there and it is insane for the richest country in the world(United States)not to help people with diabetes!!

Check into the manufacturer’s of your insulin. A lot of them have a program to help people get their meds who have no insurance and don’t make enough money.

Thanks for the suggestions i will try them ALL out!!Thanks again!!

google “prescription assistance”

I got insured by a private insurance through hubbies work!!wooowoowoo!!Thanks again

I’m so glad you got some help cause it really hit me in the heart when you were saying you had no insurance. Being a mother is hard but not being able to care for yourself is even harder to be a mother. So woowoow for your husband! God bless you, Patti
PS Keep up the good work.