How does your child's diabetes impact your career?

Recently saw a job posting I was interested in...but the questions began to form...

  • What type of insurance would be available?
  • Would it cover my daughter's pump and CGM supplies?

Since the job was in another state...

  • How would the medical care compare?
  • Would a new school be as great as her current school about taking care of her (since she is 6)? Would they be as flexible about testing and snacks in the classroom? Would that district be as willing to hire paras to support my daughter?
  • Am I willing to move away from family and friends and lose my support system when it comes to babysitting when I need it or familiar faces/friends when things aren't going well?

I don't want my daughter to ever feel limited by her diabetes, but as I contemplated whether or not to put my application in...I started to feel really boxed in by diabetes...and making sure her needs were met. I guess when things are going well it is really hard to rock the boat.

How about you? Did you take the leap and how did it work out?