Diabetes and Childcare

I am currently working on what I want to do in the future,I'm good with children and enjoy working with them.

I would like to eventually become a nanny working for a family and was wondering if there was anyone out there who did this or something similar as a diabetic.


I have 3 children of my own and take care of 3 others. I haven't had a problem with diabetes and caring for the children. If I'm low I always make sure the baby is somewhere save such as a crib and the other children all know I am diabetic and know to call 911 if needed. I do test a lot though since I am always running around with them and busy and just so I don't have a problem. Good luck :)

great great ............. i have two diabetic daughters............very difficult to manage.

Thanks for the replies! I already test loads anyway so I'm not afraid of that :) just wondered if anyone had done it and found any issues!

Perhaps, Danielle, you could do something Diabetes related such as work in a Diabetes camp, or work for JDRF with children's activities, something like that. Somehow it's hard to think of "nanny" as a career goal!

I'm thinking of going over to an American summer camp next year (currently in the UK) and so may look into going to a specific diabetes camp.
There are a couple of university type places in the UK (Norland nannies and Chiltern college) that I can go to and get a very highly sought after nanny qualification so that was what I was thinking of.

University to become a nanny?? That seems strange to me,as here nanny is just a baby sitter, but maybe there nanny is more like a pre-school teacher here.

From what I hear from adults who attended a diabetes camp as children, it really changed their lives to be around a community of people with type 1.