How has low CHOing improved your blood sugar control?

I know it has drastically improved mine:) I will let you know my HgA1c when I get it back…but, I know I am much more stable (less deviation from normal) than when I was eating more CHO. To get decent control I reallllly need to cut back to 6/12/12g (Bernstein). I think I had gained so much on the standard diet and subsequently driven my insulin needs up that I had created my own insulin resistance. Now I am down to .6u/kg and see weight coming off of my mid-section:) It is hard because I am now in my mid-40’s and less physically active…losing has become harder. Would love to hear from those of you out there who have done low CHO for a while…did you lose weight, how quickly, any adverse effects on lipids? Thanks!

Got my first HgA1c results after 2 months of low CHO diet…I know, should have waited a little longer:) but, the results were so dramatic I jumped up and down! I dropped from 7.2 to 5.9%! All I did was drop my CHOs from already modest amounts (30-40gms/meal Lunch and Dinner) to Bernstein levels. I am not real strict…use dairy,etc. Have been cutting out gluten containing foods for about 4 months…so, that also helped I think. I am pretty certain I have celiac…bloating, etc. w/ gluten. Gluten-free was always hard for me but, not w/ the loss of CHO cravings since dropping grams of CHO/day:) I don’t crave much of anything. Has become very easy to follow as long as I don’t eat appreciably more carbs…did this once…a nibble turned into a cascade of carbo inhaling! Know better now:) Well…look forward to hearing your experiences. I will let you know if I see any major changes in my lab work being run next week…interested in my lipid profile. Take care all and be well.