First A1C since low carb / reduced insulin

It has been almost 3 months since I lowered my carb intake to ~40g / day. Once I got my basal and carb ratios figured out, I was very careful and kept tight control. For the last month, though, I have been working very long hours, not sleeping, and testing my BG usually only 1-3 times/day. I have stuck to my diet, though. My pump clogged a couple times, but I caught it, so nothing serious.

I just tested on the Bayer home A1C kit. BG at time of test was 81. My result was 6.8. I would like to be closer to non-D levels, but this is my first <7 in over 20 years. Previous was 8.0. I have no doctor and no insurance, but have never felt more optimistic about my chances of remaining healthy and in control. I owe a great debt to this site and its members for all of the information, advice, and support I've received here. Thank you.

Woohoo, congrats! All that hard work really shows. There's nowhere to go but down now (A1C wise of course) LOL

Way to go! And this one was all you.

That's an awesome start to build on!

I am going to get mine checked wensday . this past 3 months have been pretty low carb for me , I hope mine is as low as yours or better !!

Congrats. I think some people who are used to being below 7, forget how some of us could never get there without insane amounts of work. It is uplifting to get there on your own. You should be proud of yourself. My last one was a 6.4 and I am hoping to get it even lower, but have had it under 7 for almost a year now. Keep it up!

It is people like you who inspire me. I haven't been under 7% since I was diagnosed 25yrs ago. The only time I had a great hbA ( 5% ) was when I was pregnant with my two girls, figure that one out. It seems I can do it if I have to. I find if I don't keep going to speak with my diabetic team or reading stuff relating to diabetes or even better coming here and talking directly with other diabetics, I lose all control altogether. Great work and thanks for the inspiration.