How it's going so far

Hello Everyone!

I am new here, and new to blogging in general. This website is so inspiring and such a wealth of information, so I thought I’d start a thread of my own to keep me accountable for my progress.

I came here after doing some nutritional research and deciding to try a grain-free, low-carb diet based on the principles of The Primal Blueprint -

Not being a fanatic, or someone who believes everything I read, and also being a Type 1 diabetic since I was 13, I wanted to make sure I was approaching this safely. I was mostly vegetarian for a year due to my concern for the environment and my own personal health, but I realized after coming home from the doc in August with an A1c of 8.0 and ever-increasing insulin dosages, and constant hunger, that perhaps it was time to add some lean proteins back into my diet. (Also, working in an office, I had developed a sugar craving right about 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. every day, and there is always a cake, cookie, or candy to partake of here, so I got really lazy with that stuff). Googling lean proteins led me to the primal site, I ordered the book, and got interested.

Then I found tu diabetes, and it led me to Dr. Bernstein’s book, which eschews many of the same principles, but is extremely strict (as in, eek, don’t think I could live my normal life if I went that far in that direction, and I love fruit!) So, I’m back to meat, but trying to get local organic meat whenever I can.

Anyway, that’s a lot of background, but let’s just say I’ve been following a more “primal” diet for nearly a month now, testing all the time and adjusting insulin doses, and according to my 30-day average on my meter my next A1c will already be around 6.5! So I think it’s working…and I’ve cut out at least 5 units of my Lantus dose, and scaled way back on my Novolog (sliding scale).

I have noticed so much in simplifying my diet and doses -
I am much less insulin-sensitive than I had thought - and my ratios have definitely changed over the last 15 years (surprise!) Also, I have some problems with dawn phenomenon that I am working out the kinks for. The afternoon cravings and sugar cravings in general are gone! I am pretty amazed by it myself, but living life without being constantly hungry or snackish is a new phenomenon to me, so I think I’ll stick with the eating habits simply for that! I am also apparently very sensitive to carb/sugar consumption, as evidenced by the lasagna dinner with dessert I had a few days ago at a friend’s house (I took more insulin than normal) and yet my BG still shot up to 393!! Very frustrating, as I still enjoyed dinner and there was really no alternative as to what to eat (I should have just eaten less of it).

Anyway, I’ve been doing this all on my own and look forward to talking to my doctor about it in December (he’s a GP, not an endo) - I am just sad that no one brought this lifestyle choice to the forefront of my attention earlier. I know my doc wasn’t terribly concerned about my health since I have no complications at all (yet!) and I certainly take responsibility for my own disinterest. I suppose we open our minds to things when we are ready for them in this life…

Maybe I’ll be ready for pumping soon, too, but all in good time. :slight_smile:

Anyway, glad to be here now and feeling like I’m on a path to better health! Tu diabetes has been so amazing for me, so thanks to everyone here. I’ll check back in in a month or so - we’ll see if I’m still eating this way and how I’ve survived the holidays! :slight_smile: