How long does your sensor last?

So I am on day 19 with the same sensor, and it is still working great. My last sensor was on my arm and while I got great readings there it only lasted a couple hours after the first restart (I think it got bumped around and the wire moved to much) My current sensor is on my left side "love handle" forward of my armpit. The first day I got terrible readings but ever since then they have been great.

Even if this one lasts till my next restart I think I will change locations. I am already a little nervous about the length of time I've had it in the same spot.

How long has your sensor lasted? Any adverse effects from extended wear?

The longest I ever went was 10 days…then the itching just got too bad. I probably could have gone a few days more, but I just couldnt take the itching anymore. There have been quite a few posts on TU about people going 2 to 3 weeks, so you are not alone, man, and if it still feels ok and the readings seem to be accurate then GO as long as you can! I see no reasont to end it early! I didnt think one was supposed to put it anywherre BUT the “love handles”, but I have seen many posts now with people who put the sensor in MANY different areas! The arm works for you?

I usually make 10-13 days before the ??? dominates the graph.

Right now I am back to changing after seven days. Because my insurance covers my sensors 100% I do not have a financial incentive to exceed the approved life. I have restarted some sensors, and they lasted an additional 1 - 6 days. With the bad press about off label use, I decided to go back to on label.

My insurance covered mine as well but I extended them 1) out of scientific curiosity and 2) because I didn’t feel like sticking myself with another needle / changing it wasn’t convenient. The longest I got out of one was about 17 days but most of mine fall off around day 10.

I generally wear my sensors for 14 days. They will last longer, and I’ve worn one up to 17 days, but my skin was very irritated afterwards, when I left it on that long. I had bright red dots under where the adhesive was. If your skin isn’t sensitive, you’ll most likely be okay… but yeah, after 14 days, it’s way too itchy for me to continue! :slight_smile:

Yep the arm works great. I could even put it on myself!

Well I think i jinxed myself. Been getting really high or really low readings ever since I posted this, 100+ points different from my Onetouch. I am giving it till the end of the day and if it stays with the bad readings it’s sensor change time.

Just started on the Dexcom and at the end of the 7 days I got a message saying I have to change, I think it even stopped recording? (could be wrong). It didn’t look like I had a choice, how do you extend the time?

Barb - you can just reboot just as if you have just changed your sensor. It witll “think” that you have! (stupid machines)

Yep once it reaches 00:00 and shuts off you just Start New Sensor on your receiver. It goes through the 2 hour startup and you’re good to go!

You are asking a good question. In reading the FDA blah-blah, the main reason for a seven day limit is the perceived risk of infection. Keep in mind CDC “recommends” IV sites be changed every three days and they are placed by professionals not patients in “clean” hospitals not homes. Bottom line, adverse effect is increased risk of infection and I have had none.

Longest I have used one is 14 days.

I would strongly suggest you keep it in your belly. If anything goes wrong somewhere else - lost wire, etc. - your insurance may not cover it if you are using it outside of FDA guidelines. You may be able to fudge the insertion date and wear time.


Check out the discussion “Hypothetically…”

How do you put it in your arm yourself? I would have trouble keeping it in place while properly adhering it to my skin.

I got red spots too and started using Skin Prep. I used one of the swabs over the area where the sensor was to be placed. After the sensor had asted a few days and the edges of the sensor tape were a little bit loose, I used the Skin Prep all around the sensor tape. Then I placed a nonallergenic tape on all 4 sides of the sensor to hold the sensor tape firmly in place. I made sure there was Skin Prep underneath all the extra tape strips. There is never any red spots now. Skin Prep is a great product.

I use my sensors 14 days, unless something happens to cause the message “Sensor Failed”. Then you must open a new sensor package. I am currently using a sensor for my 18’th day. It is the first time that I have had good accuracy for more than 15days.

Thanks for the “how to” I’m now on my 14th day with no problems, in fact it seems to be more accurate now than earlier. It’s sticking great and itched for just a bit around day seven and then stopped. Going to see how much longer I can go but will probably change it this weekend before leaving on a 10- day vacation. Hopefully won’t have to change at all while gone!! yaaaaa!!

PUSH it …til it itches!