Sensor worn too long?

I’ve been using the Dexcom 7 system for a little over two years. When I first started I had insurance coverage. However now that I am on Medicare I must pay for the sensors and system myself. So … as a result I try to get as many days as possible from each sensor. Usually I mange between 10 - 14 days with no problems before needing to remove the sensor.

However…last night I woke during the night with horrible pain in my leg where the sensor was inserted. I tried to ignore said pain until morning when I thought it might go away. Come morning it had not gone away so regretfully I removed it and inserted a new one. I had 19 days with the sensor I removed. Has anyone else had problems with wearing the sensor too long? I know the FDA approved the sensor for 7 days only but the FDA isn’t paying for my sensors, I am.

…how do you keep it from peeling off? the adhesive system peels off too soon in my case.

yes, i try to wear my sensor as long as the reading are good…on avg…10-14 days…never get any pain, and because all that is inside your body is this small piece of electrode, it should not cause any problems being inside you…i have never had any pain from wearing the sensor at all

I had trouble when I wore my sensor on my stomach - soreness and the adhesive letting go. Since I’ve moved to my outer upper arm, I haven’t had a problem with soreness or adhesive. Maybe once or twice the site was itchy after I had been wearing the sensor for 2 weeks… but not the pain I had with my stomach. I’m running 2 weeks max with mine though.

I use very narrow pieces of hypo allergenic tape over the adhesive part of the system. It does tend to peel off too soon for me also.

This is the first time I’ve had pain from the sensor electrode also. With the Sure-T infusion set I wear, I have to change it every 2 days or else it begins to itch like crazy.

the only problem i have had is with itching, but i rarely get more than 10-14 days from my sensors.

30 days is the most for me. I usually get 21+ from them. Never had a problem with a sensor site and I stick with my arms and legs for placement. Four good pieces of Flexifix at startup does the trick keeping the sensor on. If it starts to come up I trim the edges and apply more.

Thank you for the heads up on medicare which I will be going on in a few years! I was thinking that they would not pay for this, so today my sensor ended, I stopped it and restarted it, so I will see how long I can
go. Even though insurance pays for this, I never have an extra one in case something happens so by prolonging a few, I might have a few extra in case of emergency when I travel as it would sometimes be difficult to fedex to some places where I go! Thanks. I will let you know.

Today is my 21st day with a sensor. (I pay for mine myself as well, so I’m going to keep using it until it stops working or tells me wacky sugars.) It’s still accurate and it doesn’t hurt at all. It itches a little bit sometimes, but that’s more the tape surrounding the sensor than the sensor itself. I mean, I guess I’ll see what it looks like once I take it off - maybe it will be horribly puffy or something, but it doesn’t hurt yet.

I understand your problem. My group insurance is Medicare/MVP, and now I do not have coverage either. I have used only two sensors since October. I may never get to use my Dexcom again. those sensors are sooo expensive.

I average 14-15 days with the sensors. I know someone said he got more than 30 days with one. He did not say it caused him any problems, or pain. Did you have a bump/scar tissue?


I have a small bump at the sensor site and a bruise the size of a half dollar. However I do bruise easily anyway. I agree with you, the sensors are sooooo expensive. The Dexcom people said that my receiver is guaranteed for one year and no more. At the end of that time period I will probably have to quit the Dexcom too. I will miss it terribly.

Mayumi, there are Dexcom users who have used a receiver and transmitter for six months or more beyond the first year. If your transmitter and receiver have not been abused, they may last many months longer than you are thinking, There are also users who have had success with sensors that had expired for many months. I have at least 7 sensors that expired on Jan 1. My Dexcom is shut down. I could turn on my transmitter when I have scheduled trips this year and use my Dexcom then. That should work well, normally, but I have misplaced my transmitter. I have spent hours looking for it, so I guess I am stuck with a good receiver and sensors, but no transmitter. My BGs will probably be unstable on those trips, they usually are. My overall control is very good with my pump, so I am not going to worry about it.

Oh my, how frustrating for you to have the one piece you need to complete your system turn up ‘missing’. If you could purchase another transmitter I suppose it would be really expensive?

My research shows $941 for a transmitter, and it is advertised to last only 6 months, but users say it can last much longer. I cannot afford that. I have been type 1 for 65 years, and I am healthy. I was spoiled by my Dexcom for 8 months, but I can obviously get along very well without it.

I also get a good 14 days out of my sensor, usually try for more though. Only one time, I think about 18 days or so, sensor had quit reading so when I began to remove it and got to the wire portion, it was stuck in me - like I had begun to “heal” around the wire. It hurt when I gently tugged on it, so I wound up taking a q-tip with some antibiotic cream on it to kind of help work the wire and skin loose. But I had a pretty good bump where the wire was inserted for a couple of days, and a bit redder than normal. I kept antibiotic cream on that site longer than I normally do afterwards also. Since we are inserting “foreign object” into our bodies, I wonder if something like that may have begun to happen to you?

I usually get better results the second week than the first week.
But last night (Day 11), it went crazy while I slept. I only saw it this morning when I woke up to ???.
But then it corrected itself. Who knows the mystery of the Dex. This is the first time I have worn it on my right Arm (active arm).

Mine sometimes goes to ??? when I sleep on that specific arm. I can tell how many times I roll over at night by the blanks in the data :wink:

Thank you daricel…I’ve noticed “gaps” in my data printouts too and always wondered why it happened. Your explanation makes perfect sense.

Korrie - This sensor that started giving me pain had actually been inserted 24 hours prior to the time I “started” it. When possible I like to give the sensor an extra warming up period prior to start. Maybe my body is telling me “hey, you can go 14 days and no more”. I wonder how people go any longer without trouble? If this sensor had not started giving me grief I think I could have gone a lot longer. The readings it was giving me were quite close to actual readings from my BG meter.

If this was a new sensor, I will bet that you managed to get it to close to a nerve ending or to near the muscle tissue and that was what began to cause pain. I have had one that I inserted above the belly button (I can pinch, just not as much of a pinch as below the belly button {LOL!} ). Anyway, this one was a bleeder. A good bleeder. Hurt. So called Dex Tech, I had started the sensor to see what it would do, but i was getting lots of ??? at startup. I managed to save the sensor, got almost 2 weeks out of it - used a warm cloth and a heating pad on low heat to help break up the pooled blood. (Hey, I am cheap, what can I say. Even with insurance which I am so thankful for, these blooming things are expensive!). Pretty bruise though, looked like I had been elbowed pretty hard!
For you though, probably it was just the luck of the insertion and that is what caused you pain. It really seems that most people do fine getting 2 weeks out of their Dex sensors, those that are able to go for more YEA!
Did you call Dex? Maybe they could have sent you a replacement?