How Many People in Your Family Have Diabetes?

While the exact causes of diabetes – both Types 1 and 2 are unknown – researchers believe genetics play a role. So, with that in mind, I am curious how many people in your immediate family, siblings, parents, grandparents, children, have diabetes?

We ran an interesting article on Diabetes News Hound today talking about genetics and diabetes. You can read it here: How Likely Are You to Pass on Diabetes to Your Kids?


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Hi. I am type 1. My mother is type 1. My only brother is type 1. My grandmother died with type 1. And that is all I am aware of.

I developed Type 1 diabetes at the age of 41. As far back as anyone in my family can recall, no one has ever had diabetes of either type.

I am one of The Chosen. :slight_smile:

My parternal grandmother, her son, and her grandson all had or have type 2 diabetes. Interestingly, the grandson has a daughter with type 1.

In my immediate family, there is “ME” diagnosed at 4 and my brother diagnosed at 36 with type 1.

We are two of a kind. I was diagnosed type 1 at 41 also. I have talked to family members and they don’t recall anyone in our family having type 1. However, I had been diagnosed in June of last year and my 14 year old neice was diagnosed in January of this year.

My fathers mother, my fathers brother, my brother, and perhaps my father (he died young). I am starting to think there might be a genetic connection.

I am the only one in my family with type 1 or any kind. My Mom died in 1969, she was 19 at the time, with pancretitus and I was adopted. I have had contact with my aunt and sister but “knock on wood” no “D” to tell about. Again the “Chosen One”? Oh well lifes little battles…
Mike Moon

I have a half sister and we were both adopted into the same family, She was diagnosed type 2 when she was 19, I was diagnosed with type 1 for about a year when I was 26, but it turned into a mystery and now it is looking like I am type 2 but it’s not yet confirmed.

I am a type 1 diabetic. All women on my mother’s side are type 1 diabetics.

My mother was aT1, I am a T2, none of my siblings are diabetic (3 of them). Two of my aunts (my mother’s sisters) are T2.

38 type 1’s.
My grandmother had 11 siblings, and these 12 people produced 78 offspring. It is the children of these 78 that are afflicted - 38 of ua. And so far no one outside of that generation. Yes, I still get anxious when my nephews ask for a refill on their pop.
I didn’t develop it until my late teens, and by then I had seen many people die long slow deaths and struggle to live with devastating complications. It’s very different to read about complicationsin a book that to see them up close and personal.
I flippin’ hate diabetes.

My mother was dx’d at a T-2 about 2 years before me. We both think my grandfather (on her side) may have been a T-2 as well but he never said anything.

My grandfather had mother had it.Unsure of my father;he was suppose to be tested due to a foot and leg amputation but unfotunately passed away before getting it done.I also have 2 brothers and 1 sister that are now living with it.(besides myself.) I have 6 other siblings and as far as I know they are not diabetics.My husbands mom has it so my 2 children have a great risk of developing it.

I am the only Type 1 with a diagnosis at age 6 after my identical twin had mumps and I didn’t. I’m immune but never had them, so physican said they attacked the pancreas instead of glands in my neck. Type 2 affected maternal grandparents due to weight issues. Paternal grandfather had Type 1 about 1 week prior to his death, but it was from cancer attacking his entire body so I don’t consider diabetes to really have affected him.

Hi Christopher,
As I stated in one of my blogs, I am from a family of diabetics, Grandparents, mother, father, and many of my siblings.
Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like If both parent’s did not have diabetes. I firmly believe that genetics play a huge role in the development of diabetes, and diet in childhood and adult life plays a role also. I remember as a child I ate candy and anything else I wanted. Cynthia