How many stages does the honeymoon have?


I am bit frusturated over here and could use all the expertize that I could get. I was diagnosed like 18 months ago with T1D, and thought that my honeymoon phase had come to an end when I had to make significant adjustments to my basal insulin last February-March period.

Though the past 2 months have been a mess once again. My HbA1C went up from 5.8 to 6.5 and am pretty sure that I am now closer to 8 than anything else. My BGLs are just not coming down at this stage, and am frequently bolusing.

What has your experience been, does the honeymoon phase end in stages? If not I will see my endo to figure out what else might be causing these lvls.

Thanks in advance for all your advice.

I don’t know if there are “stages” to the hineymoon period, rather everyone has a different process for which they go through the HM period. Your pancreas may to be the point of not putting out any more insulin, thus ending your honeymoon period. However, people have said on this forum, that just when they thought they were out of the HM period, their pancreas started making some insulin once again.

I don’t know anything about stages, or that anyone’s experiences would help shed light since it’s so individualized. My honeymoon phase seemed to end rather quickly. Now & then, I have strange spurts when it seems that I’m producing some insulin because I’ll go quite low for no apparent reason.

Our insulin needs change frequently & not always from the usual causes of hormones, illness, activity level or stress. Know that I’m always adjusting my insulin:carb ratio & am careful about counting carbs. Like many others, my ratio is different depending on the time of day. Do you know what your ratio is?

1:15 during the day and 1:10 for breakfast…

Those are pretty standard ratios that most endos start people with & sounds like yours needs adjusting. Mine changes & that’s true for most. Other than changing ratios, I’m still tweaking timing because the usual bolus 15 minutes for meals doesn’t work for me.

Since you’re consistently high after meals, can you fax your endo your logs or call to ask for an adjustment? Most people constantly change their own doses, but good to speak with a doc first. When I change mine, I do it only by 1-1.5 units at a time & keep that dose for 3 days to get an idea if it’s helping. If that doesn’t work, I up or lower it a bit more. Keeping careful records helps me keep track because I don’t remember squat!

My insulin needs doubled when my honeymoon ended. So it’s possible that you need more increases in your insulin dose. Definitely get in touch with your doctor to adjust.

I have a couple rough months when the honeymoon ended until I got my doses set. It will get better!