How many times a day do you test your blood sugar?

i was testing 8-10 times a day but im starting not to be able to feel my lows so its gonna have to go up especially on workout days

Hi Mike: :slight_smile:

I usually test 7-9 times a day. I can’t feel my lows sometimes but that expected since I’ve had Diabetes so long. I’m surprised that you can’t feel yours sometimes though. You do have a low A1c. Maybe you should make your blood sugar range a bit higher. Lows can be dangerous.

I was told to keep my sugars high for either 3 weeks or 3 months, I forget, by some People on these Communities. I have a high phobia, so that isn’t going to happen. I freak out if my sugars are high for more than a day. I do pretty Good.

I hope that you test before you drive, if you drive. If your sugars are 5 or below, have something to eat, drink or Glucotabs please. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I test 4-10 times a day. For me, it varies a lot from day to day depending on what I do, what I eat… The more “normal” the day, the less that I test. If I guess carbs, then I test a lot.

hi mike I usually test my son george three times a day… been told to keep his sugar levels a bit high…because he has learning disabilty their dont think he could cope with his low sugars… a few times it’s been under the fours and he shows no signs .he also goe’s to gym which seems to send his sugars high after a workout…i dont no why.i;m still learning about diabetes…thank s

Hello Mike. I usually test between 3 to 5 times a day. Depending on what I eat and the type of exercise i did.

I test about 10 times per day. Sometimes more, if I am very active or not feeling to great.

3-8 times a day, depending on what i ate

Just curious, Dave, if you test that many times on a daily basis, how you use the info? Is it to anticipate and prevent lows?

I test eight daily (fasting, before and after each meal and bedtime) and more if I feel odd or suspect I miscalculated something.

I test a minimum of 7 times a day. Usually I test more like if I am going to have a snack or depending on how I feel. So I could be testing 10 times /day.

Got u beat, Dave. 250+ :slight_smile:

a lot…10+ as of late…sorta using it like poor man’s CGMS:) Usually before all food, 1hr post and 2hr post, before bed, and whenever I wake up at night or have low. always check a few times w/ lows which are about 3-5 times/week. I am hoping my due diligence will pay off w/ much lower HgA1c…there have been times when due to economics and stress I cut back to just testing before meals and with lows…always makes my glycoslated go up to in the 7.0’s:( I am pretty convinced that T1 like myself need that level of information to keep BGs anywhere near WNL because insulin needs vary over time. Doc says it will get more difficult as I get closer to menopause…oh, great!


Which CGM did you use?

Until recently I tested 10 times a day. I was afraid to ask the insurance for more than 300 strips a month. I tried to test at times of greatest uncertainty when I would get the most bang for the buck. Despite my best efforts and trying out all kinds of strategies to spread the 10 strips across the 24 hours I ended up with more 200+ readings than I was happy with. I eventually overcame my hesitation and started using the Dexcom 7+. What a life-changing experience. It very much reminded me of the switch from urine strips to bg strips. The days of 200+ readings are behind me. Diabetes control became so much easier. I am doing way better with way less effort.

Good for you:) wish they were available for all diabetics who wanted to do CGM. Someday:)

I was surprised how easy it was to get the 7+. I printed the paperwork off Dexcom’s website, filled it out and faxed it back to Dexcom. A week later Dexcom called to tell me that I was approved and the 7+ was in the mail. I never dealt with my insurance directly.

Great to hear…I may try as my insurance re-ups later this month. I currently am maxed out on benefit. My durable equipment benefit is only $1000/yr and meds are $1500/yr. I am hoping to get some CGMS to periodically check my pump rates…but, do not have the coverage for doing it all the time. I am still wondering who at the University agreed to this kind of coverage…a by and large healthy pool of people buying insurance together…thinking they could have negotiated better coverage. Well, you know what they say…some insurance is better than no insurance!

Hello Mike:

I test as little as possible, Anybody cares to take my place and volunteer a finger… GREAT wanna do the test(s) in my place I would use them like a blood bank!!!

The serious answer. 4 times minimum, maximum determined by the given problem requiring a test to solve “it”

I won;t waste tests to see how low I am/might be, I treat them and test afterward…


before i would only have to test before and after meals and exercise i could tell if i was haveing a low so id just have a snack or drink some juice but im haveing to test ALOT more because i cant feel my lows any more i just had a 35 and felt fine, i have an appointment with my docter this month ill have to ask her to write me more test strips and see what she thinks about me getting a CGMS. because i cant keep trying to guess what my sugar is and i cant let it run a little high because if i do i lose weight,muscle, i get weak, no energy. and i cant do that because i compete in powerlifting and if its high for a few days i feel like crap the rest of the week.