How many uses per syringe for you?

how many times will you use a syringe before it is time to discard? i have never found it important to change out a syringe after each injection. i use 1 a day, good for 2 to 3 injections. what about you?

When money is good, I will use one per injection, unless I am stuck somewhere and thought I had a syringe with me. HOWEVER, through the years I have had to reuse syringes upto 6 times, in order to be able to afford other such things as food, gas electricity…so yeah I try not to reuse, but have had to reuse : )~

I have done 1 per day for several injections if not to save money just for convenience so I am not carrying around that many syringes with me, plus you have to consider about disposal of the used ones.

I do one needle a shot unless I run out and forget. I did more with one when I had no insurance.

I use one syringe per injection due to the fact that I take more than one insulin and mixing them would not have good results.

I ALWAYS change my needle with EVERY use. I inject twice a day, sometime three times (I use lantus,then a sliding scale of humulinR). My insurance covers my needles. If I wasn’t covered I would be forced to have to reuse because of money. I think this is why people reuse. The problem is todays needles are really built for one use only, but if I wasn’t covered by my insurance it would force me to reuse. I’m glad I’m not in that situation. I definitly. Understand what forces people to reuse. I believe its money.its awful but some insurance won’t cover needles or some people have NO insurance.

In the beginning, I used one (disposable) needle tip per injection. I still use one per injection with my Lantus, but for whatever reason,(money, saving time or laziness) I use one per day with my multiple injections of Humalog. I always do the 2-unit primer squirt, to make sure the insulin is free-flowing and I (almost) always do the alcohol prep. Again, sometimes when I’m in a hurry, I just rub my shirt really good on the injection site and inject. Unsanitary… maybe, but I take a shower every day… how bad can it be? :wink:

yeah, sadly i’m in that boat. syringes are relatively inexpensive though. $14 for 100. not bad

i have never used alcohol. it seems like another useless step to me. i have never had an infection at the injection sight. only occasional bruising, as per usual.

yeah never have done the alcohol part, never keep my insulin in the fridge (that was what they made us all do back in the day). and syringes are not bad, but when you gots no moneys you gots no 14.88. i DO wish they would make the bottles not break upon impact of concrete, it has only happened to me twice in my life BUT still it is a sad day when it was a new bottle both times. oh well. keep it as clean and safe as possible I guess!

I can get a couple of days (maybe 6-9 shots) out of a syringe usually, before it begins to hurt-which I assume is due to the tip becoming dulled.

Once. I don’t think I’ve ever reused a syringe. Lancets, on the other hand …

Ok, well someone has to be different. Money is not an issue at all with me but I use a new syringe when the numbers get mostly worn off. I’d estimate every two to three weeks. Now that I’m on a Dexcom CGM I find that I’m going way above the 3 pre-meal humalogs and doing more like 6 or 8 injections per day, often small 1 to 3 unit injections whenever my high alarm goes off (> 120 mg/dl). In fact, while writing this I saw my BG is 98 mg/dl but rising so I just took a couple of units. Therefore I’d say by uses per syringe is around 100.

You’ll probably also all cringe when I say I haven’t used alcohol wipes for the last 25 years.

I use the pen needles and change it everytime…I have enough brusing and what not as is I dont want to get an injection or something and harm the baby,currenly 9 weeks along with my 3rd pregnancy :slight_smile:

I use one per shot, thats 2 a day…and this last 100 box I bought from Walmart 12.88:)

Lancets I am guilty as heck, I use then til I yell ouch because its bent or dull…

I do use alcohol swabs…I use one to wipe my finger and then to clean the lancet, and then one for the insulin bottle and again to wipe my injection area.

I would like to use my syringes two times each but when I told my co-worker who is also a mom to a diabetic child that I did that, she looked at me in horror…LOL…I try not to use them more than once though…

I have used one syringe for 6-8 injections for years and never had a problem. I also frequently inject through clothing.

I would use 2 per day, 1 used 3 times for my novorapid and 1 for my levemir

Over 60 for me, but I recap it immediately. Done this for over 20 years of the 30 I’ve been on insulin and no problem. I take very small injections. I do have a different syringe for different vials, so as not to mix them. I store the needle beside the vial in the fridge in a tiny juice glass. I am on my second box of 100 syringes in 30 years and I am even using them for B vitamin injections. Guage 31 so it doesn’t break easily like a 29 guage would.

one per day. usually use it three times. only time i have ever bruised is when i re puncture a site