How many uses per syringe for you?

I just got the Novolog Pen. How many times do you use the needle you put on that?

I also use a pen for mealtime insulin, humalog in my case.I REuse my pen needles for days at a time, when it HURTS, I KNOW its time for a pen-needle change.

I take Lantus twice a day and use syringes for usually 2 days, or 4 shots before getting a fresh one.

I DO NOT use alcohol pads, haven’t for decades. TRIAD had a recent recall due to CONTAMINATION, so in that case using them could CAUSE an infection. Once upon a time I read about a study on this, infectino rates varied little if any between users and non-users.

I also have MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and take a Copaxone injection for that daily as well, can you say HumanPinCushion? My Copaxone comes in single dose per-filled GLASS syringes, so there is NO reuse of them.


I use a new pen needle every time with my Humalog Kwikpen. I also use a new syringe every time I use regular insulin or NPH.
Depending on what I plan on eating, depends on how much and which kinds of insulin I use. Greasy pepperoni pizza, I use 10 units of each! Of course that is about 4 to 6 slices of pizza though…

Walmart has them for about $13.

Healthwarehouse has them for $9.99, BUT you get a 1 inch (25mm) needle. They are called Nipro Hypodermic Needle 22 Gauge, 1", 100 Count

Most other places have the B & D one’s for around $25-$30 per 100.

If you can get by with longer needles, you can get better prices by googling.

If you think you can’t, then pinch the skin and inject at an angle. It will work.

I use my pen needles 4x a day and change the needle every 3 days. BUT if i have bent the needle or it hurts I change it right away. I do not have insurance so I told my Dr. about my usage and she said do what works but no longer than 3 days max!
Good Luck~

Lately I use syringes. One per injection of Apidra.

I also use Levemir Kwik Pen - I use one needle each time for that too.

While many of you don't seem to have problems with reusing needles, I am afraid I will be the one who DOES get an infection.

They are cheap enough to toss them when used only once. I use teh Rely-On brand (generic stuff).

Needles aren't quite as sharp as the BD brand, but they get the job done as long as I stick it in quick.

Slow makes it smart a little.

I use all pens now but i do use a clean needle one each one for each injection. I had a reaction to one insulin and i was not sure if it was the reuse of a needle or the insulin so i changed sites and found a reaction to the insulin after this scare i decided to be more careful and not take the chance.

I also always change the syringe but Lancets and pen needles are rarely changed

i usually do 3-5 injections per needle

@ $14/100 why reuse?

When I have to split dose, I fill the syringe and inject 1/2 in one spot and the other 1/2 in another within seconds of each other. Then pitch the syringe. One infection and it can cost you a lot more than the money you saved trying to be frugal.

Also, when using an insulin pen, if you leave the needle cap on the pen, it can leak.

>> @ $14/100 why reuse?

Waste, I guess. I don't like that part of this disease, so I rabidly re-use.

This is an ancient thread, but like JaninaWalker who answered here back in mid-2011, I reuse my 3/10s and 5/10s for as long as possible -- until the numbers have rubbed off the outside of the syringe, or until the point hurts. I'm averaging about 20 days per needle these days. I don't clean the syringe with alcohol as that leaves an alcohol residue in the syringe that I do not want to inject subcutaneously.

Never had a site infection. Ever. And I have been doing this a while (a long while). A few uncomfortable injections, sure, but I've had those even with a brand new needle when I happen to catch a nerve, so that doesn't really put me off.


When I was on the pen (during the first few months of my diagnosis) I did not realize I was supposed to change them and was using them up to 4 or 5 times...then I met a guy in university and his dad is an endo, he FREAKED when he found I used them more than once - then a few years after that, I switched to syringes (my life changed for the better after that, the pen and I are not friends!) and I use one per injection (which is usually 4-6 syringes a day).

How did your life change for the better after switching? I find that if I DON'T carry a pen I can only dose for the insulin I bring with me. No cheating that way. Example - I go out to eat. I order what I would dose for. THEN I see that apple pie. With the pen I just crank it up and get the pie. Syringe I can't. I don't carry the bottle or extra syringes with me. Just one that I pre-dose.

Edit - I do use a Levemir Pen only at night.

Hiya - well for me the pen was a horrendous experience that literally lasted years, I found it really bulky and awkward. No matter what I did or how I injected it ALWAYS hurt :( and the syringes don't :)
I carry a wee little make up case, about the same size as the case for my glucometer, with my vial of insulin and a package of syringes. (I always leave the clear bottoms off the ones I use, and at the end of the day toss 'em in the sharps bin!)

Hey now! You are wasting all those usable 'drug' supplies that the heroin addicts NEED! LOL

When I was pregnant I had to see an endo specializing in pregnant diabetics - anyways, the nurse there told me that you shouldn't use alcohol to clean the site before an injection because you are robbing your body of its own "good" bacteria,, I stopped using the wipes and I also stopped getting all the little bumps that I used to when using them.

Ugh, don't get me started on that one...grrr...totally pisses me off every time they show a story (from BC) about a drug addict who is lucky to have free needles so they do not have to share or use dirty ones and risk infection and further damage to their bodies...blah blah blah...I'm like, hey, I'd like some free needles so I can afford to feed my family...apparently that's not a good enough reason!! *angry face* LOL - phew, sorry!

The syringes only cost about $14 at walmart for 100 of them. Who can't afford that?? Brand name one's are about double that.

If you find a place giving out free syringes to the druggies, then stand in line and tell them you are a junkie and use 8 shots a day.

Where I live, syringes sell for $5 each on the street. Too bad the druggies don't know they can get them cheap....LOL

Another reason the companies want to switch to pens only is that those aren't readily refillable like syringes are. I think that Humulog and Novolog are 2 companies that no longer offer vial insulin.

You have me at a disadvantage. I don't carry a makeup case of any kind nor would have any place to put one! LOL
So, in my pocket it goes and hope that it doesn't break.

I pay $40/100 CDN at Walmart - that's for BDs, there is not a generic available.
I would gladly stand in line, but would have to pass a different kind of pee test to secure free syringes :P
AND, Humalog does make vials (at least in Canada) bc I use it :)

I'm not sure it is a disadvantage - why not carry a make up case?!?!? LOL - I've heard of other people (mostly men) using a soft pencil case...? I don't know :s
I hope it doesn't break in your pocket either...LOL