How manynumber of tests in a day ,would keep ur bg undercontrol

how manynumber of tests in a day ,would keep ur bg undercontrol
i do 2 to 3 (age 35)
and 4-5 my daughter (age 5)

Minimum of 8 (fasting, before and two hours after each meal and bedtime) to manage my insulin. More if I feel odd or think I might be at risk of going low.

Usually about 15 times per day. I won’t go anywhere or do almost anything without testing. OCD, I guess. :slight_smile:

10-15, and I’m not entirely convinced that it is enough to keep me under control.

I test 12 times a day plus I have a CGMS.

I could not control my bg with 10. Now I use a CGM and about 2-5 bg strips a day.

I think the number of times is less important than thoughtfully using the info to make treatment decisions.

For those people entirely dependent on outside insulin, however, it seems like the following would be the minimum for checking to see how basal and bolus rates (or long-acting and rapid-acting insulins) are matched to daily activities and food choices:

  1. fasting
  2. 2 hours after breakfast
  3. before lunch
  4. 2 hours after lunch (this is one of the checks I’m most likely to skip, especially if my food choices are standard)
  5. before evening meal
  6. 2 hours after evening meal (this is the second check I’m most likely to skip, especially if food choices are standard)
  7. before bed
  8. & 9) before & after any exercise
    10+) any sense of lows, any drastic change in routine, before operating heavy machinery, etc.

During my many years with type 1, I’ve had no trouble achieving A1Cs in the 7-8% range with only 2 checks a day. But it takes me the full 9+ on most days to get and stay under 7% A1C.

I need to clarify. I was able to consistently achieve a 5.8% A1C with 10 tests a day. But the variability was through the roof. Too often my bg was 200+. Good bg control to me means low A1C and low variability. It was the low variability part that I had problems with.

Good point about the variability! I aim for smooth and steady, too.

My mistake was staying with shots. I have all kinds of excuses. I don’t know why I fell for the CGM. Now that I see how hard it is to achieve low variability with shots I am aiming for a pump too. I have an appointment with my doc to get the ball rolling.

I’ve not heard of many cases where someone got a CGM before a pump! I hope you get yours soon. The CGM is next on my wish list, but I keep waiting for more integration between pumps and CGMs.

Waiting for integration was one of my excuses for not getting a pump. I don’t know how much of an upside integration will be. The OmniPod has to be replaced every 3 days, the 7+ every 7 days. I don’t know how OmniPod and 7+ can be physically integrated if they are on different replacement schedules. Having 2 remotes instead of 1 is not a such a big deal for me.

The multiple devices with multiple remotes are the issue with me. I don’t want any remotes at all. I want it all on board. Plus I want it all smaller than the current OmniPod or new Mendingo pump. I’m not asking for much, am I?

Well, I test at least 10 times a day and I wouldn’t say that I have great control, but my endo suggested me getting a CGM. I am not a pumper but I have bad nighttime lows and I do not want a pump as I don’t want to have something connected to me, especially when there’s a tube involved!


Unfortunately, I’d have to say yes. I’m very much a schedule type of person. I tend to be a little more spontaneous even on the shots, I know it’s not recommended but… I guess I’m still too new to diabetes that I feel like the “threat” of complications seems so far off… Maybe I’m just in denial!

Plus I wear too many dresses… I think it would be a hassle…

You can stick a tubed pump in your bra, Elizabeth. I do it all the time and I will admit to being a “fashionista” . I have been on MM pumps for almost 7 years and really love all of the pump benefits that have been listed by Dave… I will be getting a CGMS, which was just approved, soon, within a week I was told.

Back to original question: I test 6-8 times on most days; 9-12 ( or more) on days when I am very active or have out-of the ordinary food choices ( unknown restaurants, banquets, delayed/skipped meals, etc).

God Bless,

Normally, I test between 4 to 6 times a day. It however varies when my routines, activity and schedules (and food) changes.

Kelly, that is exactly why I do not want to go to an Omnipod, or Mendingo :Too much to carry around and I will surely misplace something or the other.I am getting a MM CGMS in about 3-5 days, which is integrated with my MM Paradigm 522 pump. I am hoping and praying and I DO EXPECT a good outcome.

God Bless,

I’ve had the “D” for 12 years, with the first 10 years spent on shots. Every night I went to bed in fear of going low, which usually happened 2-3 time a week. Since going on the pump for the last 2-odd years, I have only rarely woken up from an overnight low. Maybe once a month or two months. The pump was the only way, for me, to solve the problem of overnight hypos.

And spontaneity is much better with the pump. You don’t have to eat a snack or a meal if you don’t feel like it or aren’t hungry, when on the pump. When on shots, you HAVE to eat to keep those BGs up in the safe range. If you’ve just taken a shot and then decide not to eat… well… that’s not really an option.

Cheers, Mike

Lately I’ve been doing about 15 a day, up from 11 a day.

This past summer I got lazy and dropped to around 6 a day…and my A1C went from 6.5 up to 7.2! So I’m paying closer attention to myself.

Cheers, Mike