How much insulin do you use daily?

As a type 2, after oral meds, I went to insulin. I have no idea where I fall on the spectrum of insulin usage. After reading a few recent posts, I am wondering how much long acting and fast acting insulin is being used by other type 2’s on this forum. Thanks for sharing if you wish to divulge this information.

12 units of Tresiba and probably about nine units of Humalog per day. More sometimes, sometimes much less. It is difficult to eat correctly when traveling.

There is no “correct” amount of insulin. It varies by the individual, and can vary by the day and by the hour. I’m curious why you are concerned about others’ insulin quantities.

I agree with Dave ! My correct amount for me is none,)
Which probably does not help you much.

I take Lantus 5 am,25 pm, and Trulicityonce a week.stable at 6.5 . Type 2, 26 years. This dosing is very much set to an individual’s needs. My endo said the trulicity is helping me be off ofmeal time insulin. Nancy50

Hi Dave,

I was just curious. I realize that everyone is different and has varying needs. At an appt. with my endo, he said he didn’t want to keep increasing my insulin but my numbers continue to increase while all other factors remain constant. I was just curious if I am taking a low, medium, or high amount of insulin as compared with other type 2’s.

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Thanks Robert 17.

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31 Tresiba
25 - 30 Apidra (on pump)
I decided to split my dosage to alleviate the volume of insulin pumped into the site (lasted 2.5 days before the split, 60-70 units per day, site gets sore). After the split dosage, the site feels better, getting only 90-100 per 3 days.

Also, doing it this way leaves some room for the pump to do partial basal to supplement the Tresiba basal. Gives me room to cut the pump basal (suspend) if suffering from hypo.

Thanks arpida

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About 120 units per day includes basal and bolus.

I take pretty high amounts, I’m quite resistant, and pretty much eat what I want and just control my sugar levels by taking higher amounts of insulin. My A1C is 5.7, so I must be doing something right. I pretty much take 50-55 units of Humalog with each meal, and 50 units of Lantus once a day. My pharmacist suggested I try a higher amount of Lantus and see if that cut down my meal time insulin needs, but even going up to 100 units of Lantus, it made nearly no difference at all, so I went back down to the 50 units of Lantus. I also take 4 Metformin a day as well.

I’m on a pump and average 72 units of Novalog a day (basal - 42, bolus - 30.) However, I average about 160 carbs a day.

The correct insulin amount is related to your body weight, beta-cell function, level of exercise and carb in-take. Your Endo will provide you initial suggestion. After taking insulin, you will learn it quickly.

With 5% weight reduction, you may get 5% insulin reduction in my experience. Keep your weight down, limit carb in-take, and preserve Beta-Cell function (i.e. keep BG in normal range) are the best policy. Good luck.

with T2, the level of insulin resistance is also a big factor.
An overweight, insulin resistant t2 can use a large amount of insulin. Most can greatly reduce or not even need insulin on low carb


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Let’s see today, I took 40 units? The problem I have with insulin is you eat, you have to take insulin. You take insulin you have to eat. It’s a never ending cycle, which in my opinion is confusing. Diet I believe is the key. But even diet can’t control it all the time. Stress can raise blood sugar levels. So what do you do take insulin for stress, and then have to eat because you did. I hate the idea of undereating or overeating, but insulin makes you hungry; almost ravenous at times, so it’s hard. Proper diet choices I believe are the key. Certain otc medicines or pills also. Black currant oil, alpha lipoid acid, CoQ10, cod liver oil, even Swedish bitters, but not chromium of course, that one can cause bad lows. Blood sugars can be controlled many many ways. But vigilance is the key. It’s not always about the insulin. I just wish it was easier sometimes to not have to rely on the insulin. I know some people who take pills and insulin; about 32 units or so of insulin. Then I know some people who take 60 units of long term insulin once a day. I met a guy once who said he was diabetic and takes no insulin at all. I asked him what he ate, he said no bread, and just piece of meat for dinner. Stuff like that is what I’m talking about. It does depend. The heaviest I’ve ever been since getting diabetes was about 220 lbs. But I was eating pasta every day. I’ve never really been heavy since I got diabetes. I stay around 160lbs. But with the ever growing prices of food, it’s not always easy to eat the way you want. It’s tough for sure.

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