How many lows did you have today?

I had two!!

Both made me big time sad/emotional.

Oooo wait three, I had one in the middle of the night too!!

One. Just a little bit ago…took a correction at 6pm, high, and ate a salad…down to fast and too low. Just ate 2 watermelon tabs…waiting it out.

None today - it’s almost midnight here - and pump just told me to TEST BG - off to noddy nod land I go. Hope you’re alright Danny! Oh and Robyn - those watermelon DEX4 are so tasty - hard to find here in Canada - but I stock pile when I go to the US.

Sometimes my low’s are worse than others…I guess it depends on how quickly you drop. ? Ever tried running to get something and the more you run the worse it gets…one time I just sat down on a huge rock in the park and started crying…how many people think one or two lows a day is too much ??

One this mnorning, did a correction before I went to bed because of a 345, due to kinked infusion set.0f course I woke up with a 48. Corrected w/glucose tabs and kept a goin’
God Bless,


well, what’s low? hehe. Got a 58, 54, 48, and a 64 yesterday.
Still tweaking my Apidra dosages because I’ve only been on it for about a month.

Lowered my Levemir by 4 units these past 3 days hoping to stop the lows that seem to stay pretty consistent through the days.

It’s a miracle, but NONE! (Though, of course, I’ve only been awake for two hours, give me time.)

Been there Dave… I went to see some bands play in nyc… After the show I just sat down in front of the venue and acctually started crying. Luckily I was with my wife and a friend after having about 10 glucose tabs I finally got up and felt better. I was 30!!!

2 lows… one before lunch and 1 after lunch… (chinese food always kills me… either too high or too low, can’t seem to manage it)

What’s the 15/15 rule?

I just had three the other day too…one of course at 5 am. I hate the 5 am ones. that last hour of sleep is so crucial…by the time you’re done with the fast heart rate and the bad dreams, you cant get back to sleep! And I"ve had those that make me cry too…in front of alot of people…

those are the worst, you feel so stupid afterwards… I don’t know why that happens to me… Usually it’s just in front of my wife, which is fine.

Eat 15 carbs, wait 15 minutes, test again.

If low, repeat…

Cheers, Mike



I was low all day today, constant testing 15 carbs, freaking bad day, new site last night, woke up a bit high ate my breakfast shot up to 291, WTF and then the rest of the day low and constant eating,

I hate the D and now all I think is this because of a bad infusion set??!!

about 5 lows today



OK…make it 3 :frowning:

racquetball kicked my arse today…can’t keep the sugars up.

Okay, 1. Still, that’s really good for me, and the day’s halfway over!

67, which is not too bad, barely low (of course, had I waited 15 minutes to test, I probably would have been 45, but, still…) :slight_smile: