How often do you change the insets?

Hi, as a new ping one touch user I wonder if its ok to leave my inset in for 4 or 5 days ? If so am I heading for problems ? Also why are the cartidges not good for a few uses ? Any replies appreciated.

For me the length of time I leave an infusion set depends more on the site than the type of infusion set I find I can go 4 days on my buttocks, but on my stomach only 3 days or I get a very red mark.

You can use the cartridges more than once, BUT plastic does leech into the insulin eventually, also the cartridge has lubrication to allow the piston to move smoothly, so after too many uses it will not work well. As my insurance pays for cartridges every 3 days I have only reused one in an emergency when I ran out.

You risk increased scar tissue if you leave your inset in longer. I always change mine every 3 days because I have decades ahead of me of insets so want healthy tissue! There’s probably some specific data out there about the progression of scar tissue. Once I left the set in 14 hours longer and really noticed the difference in the spot once removed and it took longer to heal.
Same reasons Annabella listed about cartridges but also, the insulin will be less effective once the plastic leeches.

I just did one of the Animas webinars and the clinical manager that presented that one told me that even after 2 days, the plastic can start breaking down the insulin. I had a problem getting my supplies, so I did re-use mine because it was either re-use them or go back to MDI. I tried to be careful with it and used a syringe to move insulin from my good vial into an empty vial so I would not contaminate the insulin in any way and if I had a problem, I wouldn’t kill a whole vial of insulin.

Hi Kingston I use the contact detach because I have low fat mass the only place that I can insert is the thighs or buttocks I have no fat from the waist up…very rare I have to change out every 2 days because if you don’t you can cause infection and that is not good I wouldn’t leave them in longer than they told you to…

i’ve always been told that after the 3 day mark you start to build scar tissue, so i’ve always changed my sets within 3 days. however, i’ve found that sometimes a site will start to go bad after 2 days and the quality of absorption will decline, depending on the location and a number of other factors.

I change every 3 days. I’ve had a couple of site infections and they’re not fun. I don’t want to increase the chance of getting more.


I do try and change every three days. Absorption and scar tissue are definate reasons to change on a regular basis. Lubrication in the cartiridge leasons and makes it harder for your pump to push out the insulin.

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Through trial and error, I learned that for my fair skin, I need to change every 2 to 2.5 days, otherwise I experience degradation (my #s start getting a bit higher for no reason). I do sometimes reuse the cartridges if I wind up needing to refill before my 2 or 2.5 days is up - I’ll reuse because I know I’ll be changing again soon.

Also, I have found that steel works much better for me than teflon, as I have a sensitivity or allergy to the teflon - after a few hours, it itches like crazy and makes me want to rip it out. Unfortunately, most infusion sets are teflon now, the industry seems to be slowly reducing the number of steel sets available. That makes me sad. I don’t know why people think steel is uncomfortable - it’s not! You just have to have the right length for your body. I think it’s cleaner and at least it’s not a fossil fuel/petroleum/plastic product inside me. One thing the Ping folks won’t tell you is that you do not have to be limited to the sets they offer. There are many (luer lock-based) sets on the market that work with the Ping. I happen to use the Orbit Micro. Also much less land fill waste.

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Hi Cheri the one that I use is steel and its is much better than the tubing in my opinion…

We change sites every three days. My daughter grumbles about changes, but I’m pretty good about getting the right amount of insulin in the cartridge, so she’d run out if we didn’t change it. Also, her site starts to itch if she goes onto the 4th day. I have heard that leaving it in longer than 3 days facilititates the growth of scar tissue. Also, insulin attracts fat: Have you ever seen a photo of someone who always shoots/pumps in the same location? Eeewwww. It can become a goose egg under the skin.

As for the cartridges, I’ve heard the same as others: after a while the plastic starts to interact with the insulin, and of course, you only want the best. I have gone longer than 3 days with the cartridge, though, if I accidentally overfill it. We don’t like to waste insulin. So I have done a site change on one day and a cartridge change a day or two later, but I don’t like doing that. I’d rather get the whole thing over with at once, and I try to measure the insulin accurately for 3 days.