Bolus Calculator?

Hello!! My Endo sent the order in last week to my insurance for my OmniPod, so I am reading through the Pre-Training stuff. I am just wondering about your experiences with the bolus calculator? Is it pretty reliable?


Hi SandyG! It certainly always does the math correctly, but the reliability of the effectiveness of a bolus is dependent upon the settings - correction factor, insulin to carb ratio, target... It took us some time to establish Caleb's, and they are always changing, but yes, I find the bolus calculator reliable. It's diabetes that I find to be the unreliable one. :)

I find the bolus calculator to be exceptionally reliable, but it all rests on the insulin/carb ratio that ;you and you endo need to come up with. So dont just write that one off - put some time and mindwork into the number - the Bolus calculator will work great!

And, you quickly become so dependent upon it. On the rare instance that we go back to MDI or make manual corrections for hockey, it takes us forever to calculate the correct insulin for the carbs and the correction factor.

We are so spoiled by just having to put in the carb count.

Our CDE is an expert on downloading all of the data and calculating those magic numbers. It can really make a difference in your A1C numbers (my son's went down 2 points when we changed to this CDE from another less experienced).

Hahaha, too true! Thank you.

Cool. I can't wait to get going!!!!!

Thanks for the response Hockey Mom!!

I can't get the reverse correction to work on the bolus calculator. If we have a low, it won't calculate the bolus automatically. What am I doing wrong? We have the reverse option selected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If I am under my low setting (I think mine's at 60?), it won't calculate for me. I think this is a safety feature to make sure we don't stack insulin. The reverse correction works when I am between my low setting and my target (mine's set to 85). Then it will decrease the amount of insulin for the bolus to land me back at my target. Does that make sense? It is kind of hard to explain... :)