How often do you use your dex?

I started with the dexcom seven almost a year ago (I think) and moved onto the seven plus when it came out a few months ago. I have been soooooo lazy and haven’t actually used mine in a while :frowning: I was wondering how often you all use it? I normally take breaks between sensors but it’s bad this time and need to get my butt in gear!

I use it all the time. It has made a big difference in being able to detect unpredictable swings in blood sugar. Why don’t you use it?

I use mine all the time…As soon as one sensor comes out another goes in.
I really dont like being without it, mainly because I dont always feel my lows… I feel so much more secure driving by myselfm even staying home by myself etc.

I usually take a day or two off in between.

I’ve noticed the only thing that makes me want to take longer breaks is when I have bad sensors. If the performance annoys me, I need a break.

I think a lot depends on your schedule, though… I have a lot of days that are the same, diet and schedule-wise. I might go longer on them. When things are crazier, it’s nice having a good working sensor.

Pure laziness to be honest … and not wanting another device to keep tabs on. It’s not that I’m not happy with it - I actually really like the thing after using the MM Pardigm and hating that one. The last sensor I used went bad so I’m not sure if maybe that turned me off a little too. But even when I’m not being lazy I do take a week or so off in between sensors so I was curious if I was the only one doing that.

So far I’ve worn it every day since getting Dexcom. I still have times that I don’t feel my low blood sugar levels but at least I’m not having lows daily (which were normally in the 30’s range but yet felt like I was 100). It’s become a security blanket and now I can’t imagine living without it.

24/7. I don’t like the uncertainty of being without.

My niece is a fairly new Dexom user. She has been taking two or three day breaks in between sensors, mostly because her Mom likes to insert on the weekend. Also, it is good to give her a break in between to let her site heal a bit. If she wants to take a longer break, her Mom would allow it. Dex is great but it is a bit of a pain to have to wear two devices. As to alerting us to lows, we are still having problems with our new Dex Receiver (second one). It alarms once, does not realarm and does not always alarm and not consistently. Going to download every week and keep talking to Dex tech support. I’m sure they will figure out the problem eventually.