How Often Does Your Blood Sugar Go Too Low?

Today we ran an article on Diabetes News Hound about how doctor errors may cause some diabetics to experience regular low blood sugar readings, making them experience any number of symptoms. You can read the full article here. While this article focuses on Type 2 diabetics, avoiding low blood sugars is a challenge we all share.

So, I have two questions for you. How often do you go low? And, what is the lowest you have ever experienced?

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Hey Christopher,
I have less hypos now then when I was on MDI (am Type 1). With the pump my BG levels are more level then doing the roller coaster ride. I know if I’d stuck to figuring out the magic formula with my fast / slow insulin I would have figured it out, just the pump came along.
I average about 2-3 times a month. Usually due to over bolusing for something I don’t know the exact carb amount. The lowest I’ve been is 1.2 mmol/l (21 mmol/l) - scary stuff - I was fighting to stay in control as I sorted thru’ that hypo y myself (can never wake up my hubby to help me - once he’s asleep - he’s out for the count). I was VERY lucky, not fun fighting with yourself internally as you try to get your head out of the clouds at that point as I’m sure you’ll all nod yes in agreement with.
I’ve always wondered myself how Type 2 diabetics - who aren’t on insulin - how often they get hypos. Depending on how they control their diabetes, I sometimes wonder if it’s more difficult then for us diabetic that take insulin. It can’t be easy.
Also, wondering, how many times have any of you had to go to ER for a bad hypo. I’ve never had to do that in the 41 years of having diabetes. Have an aversion to white coats!

Anna from Montreal - aka FatCatAnna - The Trials and Tribulations of a Diabetic

Since 9/27 I’ve had 10 lows. I get quite a few. My lowest was 20. I passed out while grocery shopping, and I’ve had a few trips to the E.R. In May I passed out at the store. An ambulance came, but I didn’t go to the E.R. And 5-23-07 I was airlifted to the hospital cuz of an accident. My bs was 48 I think and I wrecked my car. Thank God only mine. I’m low right now. I’ve been diabetic since I was 2, and still trying to get better control

I would say I go low about 1-2 times a week. It is not because of my pump though. It is because of my timing of me taking my pills that I take. They drop my sugar. My own fault. But lowest was 32.

My blood sugar was running low way too often. (at least once a day) Last week I had a 22 and my husband called an ambulance. Anna, you’re correct when you say scary stuff. I went to see my Doctor the day after and she said until I get my pump, which should be soon, I should just let it run high. I hate to do this because I’ve worked so hard to keep it controlled. She said something I’ve heard others say on here. " The tighter the control, the more lows you will have." It seems like a no win situation.

I catch way more lows wearing a CGM than I do with a meter… I had a low today before lunch that I doubt I would have caught without a CGM. I never felt any hypo symptoms… I usually don’t.

Is you CGM with your pump? I saw a Minimed Paradigm Real Time pump and it came with a continuous glucose monitor. Is that what you have and do you like it? I’m convinced that is what I need. I hardly ever realize I’m low until I’m really low. Mostly because I go low very fast.