How to count Sugar Alcohols?

Okay, I really want to have something good tasty. I love iced coffee, but even sugar free kind at a chain restaurant/coffee places, raise my sugar.

I found Big Train - Blended Carmel Latte at my low carb store. It has 20g carbs, 7g fiber, 9g sugar alcohol (erythritol). Their label claims 4g of net carbs. I would probably count 13g net carbs. Do you also subtract sugar alcohol? I've never done that!

BUT, I did try their Vanilla latte, and I counted what their label said, 2g carbs. and I bolused correctly for it, since I didn't go high after that meal.

I LOVED their vanilla!

People react differently to sugar alcohol. Some can actually metabolize sugar alcohols & it can effect them just like sugar. Erythritol is the best sugar alcohol. I've never had a problem with it, unlike the others. You can subtract the sugar alcohol from the total carb count.

For me, the net carbs would be 13 because sugar alcohol raises my BG. It's an individual thing.

I found that sugar alcohols roughly follow the Glycemic Index (GI). David Mendosa has a really good table on the GI for various sugar alcohols. Like others, I have found Erythritol to be the best, having a strong sweetness and a GI of 0, so I can get by without counting it.