How to find posts & other activity for a particular person

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I wish I had a general way to make this easy for you to do now, Judith, but I can’t think of one. However, you can get a list of the posts from someone you like to always check out by looking at their user profile page.

I’ve tried to outline how to navigate to a person’s user profile page in the text and images that follow below.

To keep a list of the friends you frequently check up on, one possible way to accomplish this would be to save browser bookmarks to the user profile pages of those people you follow frequently.

####Desription of How To Navigate to a User Profile page
This is how I navigate to a person’s user profile page.

  1. Left click on either the user profile picture or user name in the top right corner of a post that person has made. This will display that person’s User Card.
    Note: Actually I think you can do this anywhere the person’s user profile picture is shown, such as in the list of people who have “liked” a post. I just used the top right corner of post as an example because it’s probably the easiest for most people to find.

  2. Once again, left click either the user profile picture or user name on the User Card. This will take you to that person’s user profile page.
    Note: Do not click on the either the badge boxes or the Message box. Those are separate buttons which perform different functions.

  3. Use the buttons on the left side of the page to filter which type of posts are listed. The first four button labels are

  • All — No filtering. Show any activity.
  • Topics — Show only the topics which this person created.
  • Replies — Show any replies made to topics or comments.
  • Responses — Show only posts which were replies to this persons’s comments or topics.

####Screen Captures Showing How To Navigate to a User Profile page

  1. Left click on profile picture or user name in a post to display the User Card.

  2. Left click either the user profile picture or user name on the User Card to go to user profile page.

  3. Use the filter buttons on the left side of user profile page to select which posts are displayed.

@Jen, do you know a way to navigate to someone else’s user profile page using only the keyboard. The steps I outlined in my post above use the mouse. I think that would be of no use to you but I can’t figure out how to do it only with the keyboard.

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@irrational_John I don’t, I don’t see a keyboard shortcut for it, I’ve just double clicked on the avatar, but that requires a mouse of course

thanks for being very very helpful, I’m sure these pictures and descriptions will help many others. :sunglasses:

@irrational_John: It’s actually very similar for me, except that instead of clicking I press enter when the graphic is read. I just tried it, and it works perfectly (at least to go to their profile; I didn’t try filtering the posts).

It’s not possible to navigate via keyboard for those not using a screen reader, at least not unless the website provides a specific keyboard shortcut for doing so. Screen readers provide online keyboard functionality far beyond what browsers and websites do.

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Huh. So when the User Card is showing all you have to do is press Enter to go to that user’s profile page. Huh.

I never would have thought to try that. :astonished: Thanks!!! :joy: Makes sense in hindsight.

I don’t either. :frowning:

Thanks! Very helpful…

One option that could work, but only if you know the member’s name, is using “/” for Search and then type “@” followed by the member’s name. I just did that for me and it brought up some of my activity. I could click on one of the items, then click on my profile name/photo to be brought to my page.

One way of searching for a person’s activity is to go to the search box and search using a special modifier “user:” which searches for topics which mention or have postings by a particular user. While you currently can’t search for all posts by a user you can search for a keyword and a user. For example you can search for MODY user:brian_bsc.

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Thanks so much for this. I couldn’t get back on for days ( pswds not working) and am just starting to roam around again and get back to things like this…