How to get Dexcom prescription?

IF my Endo was responding to any of my needs then she would be 1st to go to but with ever increasing negligence by her office, she is all but FIRED. Not renewing my Apidra and Lantus scripts thru Sanofi Patient Connection and now dragging their feet renewing my Dexcom scripts so I can get a replacement Transmitter.
Will any On-Line doctors take care of submitting Dexcom’s Certificate of Medical Necessity and any script necessary? Will most GPs take care of this stuff? Don’t want to waste time and $$ if On-Line or GP won’t do it.
Glad I’ve got plenty of test strips and remember how to use Humulin!!!

sounds like you need a new endo. good luck.

Where do you order your Dexcom Transmitter/supplies from ?

In my case, the supplier sends fax to my Dr, who just needs to sign and fax back, and is handled quickly.

Is more work involved for your Dr to fill something out and send/fax it ? Maybe your insurance requires more paperwork for new script ?

When you say a replacement Transmitter, is it because previous one stopped working, within warranty ? If so, you would deal directly with Dexcom for replacement.

Get my supplies directly from Dexcom - cut out any middlemen as a cash customer - no insurance because as a freedom loving man I refused to obey OBAMACARE directives.
So the question remains - will on-line doctor OR general practitioner generally submit whatever paperwork that is needed for non-pharmaceutical informative/supportive items???

See an endo

You will always need a middle man, in this case a doc who can give you an RX for the durables you need for your medical device. Call these on line docs or gp’s and ask them directly. We would only be guessing and our opinions don’t much matter. Maybe your Dexcom rep can give your some referrals. Good luck, and do find a better doctor who will help you manage your T1, not renewing your insulin needs is reason one to move on.

Well YEAH, I know I need a Middle Man for prescriptions - I was referring about eliminating middle man suppliers via direct purchase from Dexcom. Auto delivery of 9 months of sensors (at reasonable cost) earned a free Transmitter. 6 months worth will earn 50% off on transmitter.
I can understand Certificate of Medical Necessity and prescription required when insurance is paying for so called ‘Durable Goods’ but not when self paid!!!

“self pay” does not obviate the need for an Rx.

Dexcom tends to be very helpful. You could call them and ask them these questions. That would probably be the best course of action. They’ll be able to direct you to the easiest method of getting their supplies since they have a financial interest in you purchasing from them.

Saw GP early March and along with a printout of Dexcom Clarity showing Highs and Lows, he had no problem signing Dexcom’s Cert of Med Necessity.
Was a bit concerned because when I first wanted to go on CGM 5 yr ago my GP insisted I go to Endo.