Dexcom available at pharmacy? BCBS federal

I found some forms while searching that indicate I can go through pharmacy for my Dexcom supplies as of April 1st. I’ve been stuck using Solara medical. Has anyone with BCBS federal made the switch? How was it?

I just started getting Dexcom supplies from the pharmacy. It is less expensive, but they want their money upfront. You can’t really let the medical bills slide because you pay at pickup. There are limited pharmacies where this is available in my town, so I might drive an hour to pickup 3 mo. worth on supplies.

Supposedly you should be able to get them from anywhere that can file it on your pharmacy plan, but it is all black magic really. My pharmacy plan covers all diabetic supplies, and many go through CVS specialty pharmacy and have them shipped since the plan is CVS caremark, but I personally am not a fan of CVS so don’t plan on going through them. Some others have said they were able to get their supplies through other pharmacies or even companies like Solara. Someone said that they called tandem and asked where they could get their supplies through pharmacy benefits and they sent their info to Solara and it went smoothly. Others have said they even had issues with CVS and had to have the doctor specify the exact codes to them with the prescription and had to go back and forth a bit with the insurance reps and the pharmacy and their doctors.

I get my Dexcom supplies from my locally owned independent pharmacy and am quite happy with the service. I get the scripts from my doctor, the script is good for one year. It takes two scripts, one for the sensor and one for the transmitter. They don’t keep the Dexcom supplies on hand but after a refill is called in it’s here the next day. My insurance pays for it just like any other script. Once it gets set up at the pharmacy it’s easier, simpler and quicker than contacting Dexcom. If there is a problem with a sensor or transmitter, call tech support at Dexcom and they take care of it just like if it was ordered from them.

Same for me, I switched to using Costco, and they also take one day to get to local store for pickup. Previous DME was strict on the 90 day between refills, and pharmacy is more flexible, filling a few days early.