How water resistant is the reciever?

I have had my dexcom for a few weeks now. I run with it in the mornings and then wear it all day. Texas has been getting an unusual amount of rain for the last few days and I am wondering how water resistant is the receiver? I haven’t had a problem yet, but has anyone had their receiver quit due to water? How do you keep the receiver from getting water logged?


I don’t remember the exact terms of the receiver warranty but I wouldn’t take chances with rain or immersion. If I’m planning to be out running or hiking in rainy conditions I put the receiver in a small ziplock bag. I can still press the buttons and read it but it’s safe and dry. I’ve also used two ziplock bags, the outer one inflated partway, for canoeing, hoping that the bag would float in case we flipped :slight_smile:

it isnt water resistant at all…so follow the advice of Laura G. and protect it when out in the rain. Good Luck, and PEACE

I also do the double ziplocks BUT on the last day of my vacation I jumped IN THE LAKE with my receiver !!( Before I had put it in the bags) I immediately got out and the receiver was DEAD. The people at DEXCOM were very nice they overnighted me a new one for $334. I put the damaged receiver in a bag of white rice at 1:00am then the next day at 3:00 pm it started beeping from the bag!!! It is working but I still kept the new one as an extra.

I also put my receiver in a zip lock bag if I am going to be out in the rain.

No but i got those blasted dust bunnies under the display…

I used to go the zip lock route. I fish and hunt and am in all kinds of weather. In another discussion someone mentioned Aquapac. Look at the camera cases. The one for standard digital cameras work great. It fits both my Dexcom and Omnipod PDM. Here’s the link.


Don’t “test”, it’s absolutely NOT waterproof. The biggest gap for water intrusion is the hole on the end, in which you can see the speaker (it’s white). But other gaps exist: surrounding the buttons; inside the data cable shell; and through the “reset” hole on the back.

BTW: The gap which allows most of the “Dust Bunnies” to get in is the space surrounding the “OK” button: Surprisingly, if you seal that one by using a piece of “laptop protector” skin over the clear cover and extending over that one button, covering the gaps on both sides of the button, you won’t get a lot of Bunnies through the other holes.

Many people have destroyed receivers by putting them through the laundry. I lost one by putting on the console of an unfamiliar rental car, where my wife spilled a can of Pepsi (which drowned it in a puddle of fizzy, brown liquid.) If you drowned it in pure water, as Robyn Lynn did, it might recover after it dries out… but laundry soap, Pepsi, or “just plain BAD LUCK” are nearly always killers.

When it was almost new, Dexcom will often send you a replacement for free. But if you’ve had it for a large portion of it’s expected 1-year lifespan, they’ll make you pay for the replacement.

I’ve ridden in heavy rain with the receiver in my rear bike jersey pocket and never had a problem. However, yesterday when I leaned over to feed my cats I forgot I had my receiver in my front pocket. It fell out, hit the floor, and did a perfect somersault bounce into the cat’s water bowl. It was only in there a split second. A few minutes later, it was dead. Luckily I had a spare receiver. I’m going to let the dead one dry out for a few days, then try to recharge. I have to admit, I’m pretty disappointed that Dexcom has not made a water resistant receiver. My Animas pump is waterproof, why can’t the Dexcom receiver be the same way? I don’t like putting it in one of those skins because it makes it hard to get in and out of my jersey pocket. I like the idea of putting it in a small Ziploc bag though.

It’s not waterproof. Mine got water in it within the first three months (I got soaked on a boat ride), had to fork over $300 for a replacement.

Not at all waterproof. Niece was wearing the Dexcom in it’s holder while picking up her towels from the pool. She was clothed; Dex hooked to her waist. When she bent down, Dex holder flipped off her body and into pool. It went dead. Put it in rice standing up so it could drain for five days and it did restart again and worked fine. But we did call Dexcom tech support and they told us they would not replace the Receiver but would give us a discount (depends on how long you have had the system) on another Receiver. We were lucky. We did know about the waterproof issues but accidents do happen. Now will not go anywhere near water without Dex in bag or better protected.