How would you use it: Unsweetened root beer extract



I bought this unsweetened root beer extract off of Amazon as it had pretty good reviews. My partner and I tried making root beer without using the soda Stream. We failed.

The challenge was we have to carbonate the water first generating cold, carbonated water. Soda Stream goes crazy with anything but pure water. When adding stevia (SweetLeaf) sweetener, it got all clumpy.

Wondering if anyone has ideas on how to use this so it doesn’t go in the trashcan. Soda is one option, but wondering if there are any other thoughts or recipes.




I don’t know of any diabetic friendly recipes, but if you don’t want to end up throwing it away, you could use it to make root beer float cookies, and then just give them away. I’ve made this recipe for my kids at school (I teach grade 2), and they were a big hit :


Why not just stir some of that and some stevia or whatnot into the already carbonated water? I realize some of the bubbles will evaporate with stirring, but if it’s well carbonated, should still be reasonably fizzy. I don’t like root beer at all myself, so not sure if the taste profile would be appealing in the following applications, but I use bitters (basically flavor extracts commonly used for cocktails but can be applied to many things; my favorite is mexican chocolate) in seltzer, in almond milk, added to iced coffee, yogurt, oatmeal, etc (with or without sweetener, as desired). Usually a very small amount is plenty! If you’re a drinker, could probably use to make some great cocktails too.


Yes to all of that. I bought a selection of similar flavorings a while back. You can put them in anything you would like. The hard part is finding the proper amount. I do just as Cardamom says. I put it in seltzer water and also use it to make cocktails at times. Use your imagination. You may want to look at other flavorings. There are some that are made specifically for candy and others that are made specifically for beverages.

I do not use Stevia or any other artificial sweeteners as they all create major digestive issues for me. But you can use liquid Stevia instead of powder. The powder is actually not Stevia. It is usually made from chicory root and use to dilute and carry the sweetener. That is why it separates. It does not cook well either. But there is no fiber in the liquid form.


Take a used Torani coffee syrup bottle. Get a bag of sucralose, a pot and a funnel. Measure out 3 cups sucralose and put it in a bowl. Put 3 cups of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Stir in the sucralose until it dissolves. Pour the “sugar water” into the Torani bottle. Add one teaspoon of root beer extract per cup of sucralose water(or a little less) and add more (if needed) to taste. You now have root beer coffee syrup, you can easily add it to unflavored sparkling water (or lattes–I like root beer a lot). Store the bottle in the fridge. If you don’t use it a lot, make a smaller batch.


See what a small amount tastes like in the following:


You may have a neat substitute for bitters…


Use it with a real beer? There is a mix I know of where you add a pint of Guinness to a shot or two of Blackcurrant syrup. Just replace the syrup with a root beer extract.


Do you like to barbecue? This sounds like the making of a good marinate or glaze for pork, chicken, beef or possibly eggplant.


My Dad use to make Root Beer soda. I remember him using sugar (try Equal), yeast, extract
and then he would bottle them until ready. He also made Sarsaparilla.