Soda Stream

I am wondering if anyone out there uses / have the soda stream?

I had been told by one person I have met in person who has one and she loves it, but she's not a diabetic. I'm wondering is this better than drinking pop?

What is a soda stream??

I LOVE, yes LOVE my soda stream! Zoe, it's like the old fashioned bottles with a cartridge we used to have delivered when I was a kid, it carbonates your water. They offer refillable CO2 containers, and you can make it more or less fizzy to taste.

Chadd, all is makes is carbonated water, no carbs, no nothing. I like it with a squirt of lemon or lime. They do make sugar-free flavorings but they're not my cup of tea (soda?). The Torani sugar-free syrups are great in it. I've given these for gifts, one of the best things since sliced bread (not that I eat sliced bread LOL). They used to be available only from, but are now in local stores and lots of online retailers. Get one Chadd :)

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Oh, just carbonated water! It's great for you, much better than regular soda! I would agree with jrtpup and add a bit of lime, even a small squeeze of an orange. I don't care for syrups, sugar free or not, though I know some people do. I don't use sugar-free products at all, but you might want to check out some of the threads on that topic if that is what you are thinking (or people can respond here!) as I understand they are a mixed blessing.

I've had it for a couple years. Haven't tried their soda mixes, though. I make the seltzer and drink it straight or add in just a bit of juice for a little treat. What my (non-diabetic) kids really love to do sometimes is mix the seltzer with a syrup like Torani and they think it tastes just like soda. As you can buy sugar-free syrups, that might work well for you.
So even though in many ways it's just a seltzer-maker, I really like that I can make fizzy drinks that are healthier (controlling the carbs, no HFCS, etc) and no longer need to clog up my cabinet with multiple seltzer bottles.
Hope that helps!

Cheaper as well if you drink a lot of seltzer. When I do (not often) use the SF Torani, I use maybe a tsp to make it like a flavored water.

CO2 or NO? heh heh heh...

We've had one since they first came out! You can create, mix, invent ANY flavor (sugar or sugar free) which you have the interest in attempting.

You can combine literally anything which you can pour into the bottle. Regular juice, any of their flavors, something else you happen to really like. The short answer is yes, you can invent some awfully good or nasty flavors if you are willing to experiment and combine things...

Better than... depends on your view of carbonated water with various flavorings. But in theory its better because you can change the concentration of the flavor/the concentration of the particular ingredients. So from that perspective, yes its better than soda, a little anyway?!


oops ;)

I really like mine & also got at BB&B with a 20% off coupon. I use their $5 off coupons for new cartridges. I don't use it to make soda, just carbonated water. I drink a lot of seltzer.

I do too Gerri, probably because we grew up with it. I like it 'harder' than my kids do. Reminds me of the stuff of my childhood :)

If only it came with heavy glass bottles:) I like seltzer with a lot of fizz also. The main reason I bought a Soda Stream was to use filtered water.

My favorite diabetic friendly drink is made with my Soda Stream.

Sweet Leaf Sweet Drops - Vanilla Creme

I use filtered tap water, then about 1 dropper of the Vanilla Creme drops from Sweet Leaf per 1 liter of water. They have lots of flavors, but this is my favorite. You can vary the amount of drops based on taste.

This stuff tastes SO decadent, has 0 Carbs, and I can drink it all day if I want to.


Of course, you need the Soda Stream machine as well:


I'm curious about these, not that I have the money to buy one at the moment ... I've been trying to find an alternative to Diet Coke that doesn't contain aspartame and is easy to obtain, and haven't been successful in doing this. I'm wondering if a Soda Stream is worth the cost ... I've also seen products that can carbonate water, and I'm wondering if these alone would do the trick for me.

I have one. I like a whole big lot of carbonation in my drinks, but it loses the fizz just like any other bottled sodas do.

Isn't drinking that much soda bad for you - not quite as bad with artificial sweeteners as with sugar, but still all those chemicals can't be good! Just curious. I think sometimes we jump out of the frying pan and into the fire with some of the substitutes we use. If I'm wrong, I'm sure someone will let me know!

I am a frugal Canadian gal with hard core Dutch genes ...H2O will do it for me at age 73 !!

I consider this a waste of money. By the time you buy their carbonation, their flavors, and amortize the cost of their machine you are better off buying soda on sale. Or as Zoe and nel point out, better off not drinking this any of this junk anyway.

Whats more being sold by a morally corrupt company, boycotted by the United Church of Canada. Not for me.

I don't put any 'junk' in mine. Either just drink it straight, or with a squirt of lemon/lime/vanilla extract....

I'm confused, jrtpup, when you say you drink "it" straight - what is "it"? Just sparkling water? I thought the post was about soda? I guess I don't really know what this is!