Humalog 200 units/ml

Does using Humalog 200 units/ml in pump work well?

Here’s what Gary Scheiner had to say about it

I’d be triple checking I set things right. I have a smallish TDD, but I can see how if you don’t, you could easily get frustrated with constantly changing cartridges. or you could look at a pump with a larger capacity. Mine (accu-chek spirit) holds 315 units, now there’s a new Tandem one that holds even more

Omnipod is working a new versions of its pumps to accomodate U200 and U500 insulins.

My experience with the Tandem proprietary cartridges in both the tFlex (480 unit cartridge) as well as tSlim (300 unit cartridge) was that I would “lose” a significant amount of insulin with each cartridge change (even accounting for tubing priming etc, typically more than 40+ units were “lost”), Tandem’s answer is that that is typical for their pumps. I went back to my Medtronic Paradigm 723 (300 unit cartridge) with no loss other than priming. I used the Tandem pumps for almost 2 years, but still find day to day use easier with the Medtronic. Tandem looks slick and cool with touchscreen, etc, but with Medtronic it’s easier to do routine functions with less button pushes. I’m hoping my out of warranty 723 keeps on ticking until I can upgrade to one of of the new generation Medtronic pumps.

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