Humalog $35?

Eli Lilly Cuts Price of Insulin in the Wake of the Coronavirus


Good news for a lot of people? Shows how much profit they were making before.

Here are some other insulin discounts.


If they are doing it like Novo is doing it then it’s more like: it shows you how much the pharmacy benefit managers have been raking it in. As MM1 posted…NovoNordisk is doing My$99 insulin. You can get either a maximum of 3 vials of insulin or 2 boxes of pens for $99.00 and you can mix and match (so 1 vial of Novolog and 2 vials of Tresiba or something like that).

It works out really well if you are not on large doses of insulin. It is even available to Medicare patients. They only thing is you cannot bill your insulin (oops…I meant insurance) for the money you spend on it. The way they have it set up they are cutting out the pharmacy benefit manager and, somehow, the pharmacy wholesaler and are providing it direct to patients.

If you sign up for the My$99insulin program be sure that the paper they send has “My$99insulin” on their “fake card” on the top of the page (otherwise it may be the copay card program by accident). Another heads up…You may have some initial challenges with the pharmacies…They are familiar with copay cards and this a program like no other they have ever seen. The sheet you get from signing up should provide you with all the information the pharmacy needs (including the phone number for the Help Desk). Be sure to hang on to a copy of it so that you have it to refresh their memories later if you have problems.