Buying insulin online or other methods

For those who do not quite meet the federal assistance level and who are self employed or without a pharmacy plan or are on high deductible plans, what is the best place to buy insulin like humalog or novalog. Even with some of the high floated discount cards humalog in the US is over 300 a vial! Does anyone order from the Canadian pharmacies for their insulin supplies? Lessons learned or trusted sources? The challenge is there are millions of Americans who do not have insurance or who may have Medi-Share plans that have no pbm benefit. Worse these American are the working class that do not qualify for the manufacture discounts virtue of being lower middle class etc. Some with insurance actually may have high deductibles which make sourcing insulin elsewhere also appealing. The so called manufacture programs that I have seen ask for tax returns and really targeted at very low income populations. So if you are making 50K a year for example it is ok to pay 400 a vials in the US. Thoughts?

Yes, I have ordered from Canada. I trust Mark’s. They are great. All you need is a prescription, and they can walk you through the ordering process. It is much cheaper there!

I absolutely trust them. I got Fiasp from them before it was available in the U.S.

You can also get Humalog or NovoLog, vials or pens.

Here is their site ===>

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I order from them as well and in the last shipment they included a one time use temperature gauge that shows if your medication got hot on the trip (awesome).