Humalog left @ Room Temp

Yikes! I was under a bit of stress this week and forgot to place my TWO vials of Humalog into the refrigerator for several days. (I had forgotten the bag had insulin & not just pills.) it’s now in the frig of course. And it was in a room that never went over 65 degrees, as it’s even cold here in New England. Lol
My question is, has anyone ever done this, & did it greatly affect it’s potency?
I know it’s good for a month @ room temp after opening, but have I just “used up” some of that time?
I actually won’t need to use either vial for at least 10 days.

I don't think it would cause a problem, as long as the insulin was not over heated or opend. Many bottles of insulin go through some periods without refrigeration, the supply chain is not perfect.

I am not speaking for you or anyone but myself. But, I have been T1 since 1982 and lived in hot and cold places. I have never worried about refrigerating my insulin of any kind (NPH, Regular, Ultralente). I have never had insulin 'go bad.' I have never worried about any 30 day rule of insulin at room temp and then throw it out. Now that I am on the pump, I do keep my extra in the fridge but always have my current bottle in my small blue MM bag that I still have from 2000. Maybe it loses potency for some people but never has for me. Currently, I keep my house at 68 degrees round the clock.

Now, you will hear from people who pay more attention to this than I do. I think you will feel a lot better if you ignore me and listen to them! I just am procrastinating on what I should be doing by typing here.

Hi Sue,

I left my insulin, all of it, in the freezer during a power failure and it seems to be perfectly ok. The power came back on and I forgot to take it out and put it in the fridge. It wasn't frozen. When I asked here someone said it is worse for it to get too cold than a little warm so I'm guessing yours may be ok too. I would just try it and see what happens.

I've done this, and I think your insulin will be fine. At that temp, you probably won't see any degredation. It's good to keep it in mind, though, and if you have troubles after you start one of these vials, you have a good place to look first.

Dr. Bernstein actually believes that "Regular, NPH, Humalog, and Novolog insulins can usually be safely stored at room temperature for up to a year." It is in his latest version of his book "Diabetes Solution," right here.

I suspect you are absolutely fine.

Thank you everyone!! I thought I’d be okay, but have learned the best answers/info does not necessarily come from we nurses but from actual users /“patients” so I wanted to seek experienced input. You guys are the best. Thanks again.