Refridgerating Insulin Question

Hey guys,
So I was just wondering, for those who are on the pump, when you take a fresh vial of insulin out of the fridge to be used, do you re-refrigerate it?

The reason I ask is because I dont, and I was just wondering if I’m doing something wrong… any ideas?

I use to refrigerate my insulin all the time…lol until I was told by my Endo I didn’t have to keep it refrigerated. There was a topic similar to this topic click here and it will take you there.

I keep the vial I am using out (and when it gets low take another out). I put the date it will be 28 days it is out of the firdge on it as the toss date (no I never get there–but ya just never know)

I also do the same for the emergenct novaog pen I carry in my purse…I have had a few vials go bad–some my error (usually forgetting to put the refrigerated gel pack in --gets hot here in Nevada sometimes) or sometimes bad insulin from the go–prob due to the wonderful forced mail order I get for my insulin…diff rant there…anyway–my CDE and ENDO both said cold insulin hurts and doesn’t absorb as well (quickly)

Yeah, you don’t really need to refridgerate insulin, it’s just a good idea to keep it in a cool place because heat can render it useless. But if you keep it in a cabinet (away from the stove!) it should be fine. We noticed problems when we kept it in the medicine cabinet, which was next to the microwave, so that’s why I put it in the fridge and I kept the “in use” bottle next to the cereal in the pantry. The reason it was next to the cereal was because growing up, that was the shelf I could reach.

Nowadays, I keep the in use bottle in my room, usually on my nightstand or desk and the rest in the fridge just for “safe keeping.” sometimes I will put the “in use” bottle in the fridge just to make sure I don’t misplace it.

I keep my insulin all over the place, I probably should be more organized about that. I have bottles on my desk, and in the butter compartment of my fridge, in the cabinet, etc.

I’ve always stored insulin in the fridge until I got lazy about it. Probably because that’s where it was kept as I grew up.

i keep all my insulin in the fridge after getting it, but i carry 2 vials with me in my purse. one is open i m using and the other in case i need it. i have not had problems but they are not there more than 28 days. I carry insulin with me mostly when my daughter and I workout at the fitness center, we are both diabetic and use the same insulin and we both use pumps. again we have no problems with novalog, we did have problems with humalog due to novalog having a better tolerance to heat.

When I tap into a bottle, I leave it unrefrigerated. All my other bottles stay in the fridge. This has been the advice of my doctor & educator. If I am running low on an open bottle I may have 2 unrefrigerated bottles on me at a given time. I have never had any problems with the insulin; it is always used with in a month. Oh yeah… I’m using Apidra in my pump.