Humana for Omnipod?

Hi All,

My company is being forced to switch from Aetna PPO due to a 27% increase in monthly costs and an increase in our deductibles. We are currently getting pods for my son directly from Omnipod ($245/box) and strips from Edgepark ($34/box of 50).

My husband has Humana insurance, which we could switch my T1D son to. Does anyone have experience in Texas with Humana for Omnipod supplies??

Thank you!!

Call Humana and tell them what plan you have. The phone call is free, and they will be able to give you the full details as to what they do or do not cover. If they sound OK, be sure to get what they said they would cover IN WRITING. Sometimes that is just a matter of downloading the policy details from their web site. If you have something in writing, you have evidence to back any claims you have if you have trouble in the future.

If you are talking about the Advantage plus (medicare replacement) polities, the answer in no. I was able to get omnipod for several years but had to change to minimed when their policy changed several years ago.

Regarding test strips, take a look at these test strips Much cheaper and quite accurate. I was using Acucheck compact and in cross testing between brand meters found Aviva compact to consistently running 15 point low. Result was consistent over 4 meters Changed to True test. Difference was enough to lower A1C from 6.8 to 6.2. Acucheck compact is one of the more expensive brands.