Suppliers for Omnipod?

Currently, using the Minimed 715 pump and I am switching to the Omnipod now that my warranty has expired due to the fact that no one will know I have diabetes with the Omnipod because of the tubeless feature. Very excited about this. Unfortunately, with my insurance, test strips are expensive through Walgreens and my pharmacy benefits. As a result, I have been getting my test strips through my DME (durable medical equipment) benefits from my primary insurance. However, the Omnipod store doesn't sell test strips and I don't want to get the test strips through my pharmacy benefits. Anyone using a good distributor for the omnipod that also has the free style test strips and will take BCBS insurance? I have used Edgepark before a few years ago but I read on other posts that they are having supply problems for Omnipod.

I use Edgepark for my Omnipod supplies since September 2012. I haven’t had any problems getting my pods or teststrips from Edgepark at all. I haven’t started on the new pod yet. Maybe it is the new pod that they are having problems with. I do not know. All I know is I am in love with the omnipod. I have been using the Needle method for sixteen years and the Omnipod is my first insulin pump and like I said I am in love with it. Good luck with your omnipod. I hope you have as much luck with it as I have had. Happy pumping!!!

Just a quick note..Edgepark DOES have the new system, but "only for new users" just like Insulet says.

I seem to recall that Freestyle offers a $15 program but I have not used it. Maybe this is a link to it - I copied it from someone else's post?

And, as far s the strips cost, call Abbott about their program to provide strips at $15 per month. They will supplement your insurance to make the strips no more than $15 per month for your cost.

My insurance requires me to go through Edgepark. At first they were not able to supply my strips but it turns out they were using the wrong code.
I had to get the insurance rep for our company involved to get it resolved.

Insulet sends my test strips with my pods, and everything is covered 100% under my primary health care DME insurance. Apparently insulet just started doing that this year. They called me in january to see if I wanted to start getting my strips through them.
Else I got all my strips through home order under my express scripts insurance, which is MUCH cheaper than going to the local pharmacy.

Now that you mention it, I did recently get a call from someone at Insulet named Steve (??) who wanted to know if they could supply my diabetic necessities.



haha! Shall I get his number for you?

I heard something yesterday, dunno if its true or not regarding the release date...I wanna find out for sure before I post it here though

I used Edgepark for just my pods and had no problems with them. Due to an insurance change I now get my pods and test strips through Direct Health Care Services/Edwards Health Care Services. I haven't had a problem with them yet either.

I use Liberty Medical with United Healthcare/Empire insurance & I pay nothing for any diabetic supplies. It's amazing.

I have BCBS through General Motors in Michigan and I just called 14 DME places trying to locate a distributor. Only 2 can fill the order. One doesn't carry in stores but can ship and the other is several hours away so can only ship. This isn't funny. No sooner had I moved my prescription to a new supplier than they said they were no longer carrying ANY diabetic supplies. Pretty soon no one will be supplying these strips, if I can't find a supplier that will take my insurance I will have to drop using the pod. :-(