Humulin N Pen

Sometimes when I take My Insulin It Seems That It Didnt Bring My Sugar Level Down Like It Did The Day Before Or The Meal Before. Could It Possibly Be Because Its Not Going Deep Enough Or Its Not In A Good Spot? I Use My Thighs.

If you hit scar tissue (use the same spot over and over again) it lowers insulin absorption. Try not to use the same injection site for two days- switch thighs, or range between mid thigh and upper thigh. It’ll keep the scar tissue down.

You may also want to start injecting in the meat of your rear, or lower back. I find those two spots uncomfortable- so I also inject in my thighs. I range from mid thigh/ inside meat to hip bone/ outer meat. It keeps my sites from building too much scar tissue (because my sites are so diverse)

Also, maybe it’s time to switch to a new basal? Isn’t N from about 10 years ago? Maybe it’s time for an update?
(not trying to sound mean or anything, just wondering if you’ve talked to your endo about switching yet?)

Also, you might need to increase your basal dosage. When’s the last time that you fasted during the day to check your basal rate is adequate to cover your natural BG spikes?

The depth usually isnt an issue. However, some body parts absorb the insuling better than others. I am on a pump now, and find that my right side of my stomach doesnt work as well as my left. It all depends on the way your body is. Also, if you are not rotating far enough during injections in one day, that can cause a difference in quality. Another thing is that if you overuse a particular area, causing scar tissue, it becomes sort of like leather. The skin is non absorbant. It is good to select at least 2 options for injection site rather than just your thigh, in order to be sure that you’re not overusing the site. I prefer my stomach, as much as that sounds like it hurts, that has been the least painful area for me. I cannot use my legs due to severe nerve issues, but rotate from my stomach to my hip area. I would suggest not using that area for a few days and then go back to it. In a daily routine change everything up. Example: If you take 6 shots in a day. Do your 1st in the right thigh on the outter area, your 2nd in your left on the outter area, the 3rd on your hip area or closer to your butt. Your 4th on your right in the inner thigh area and your 5th on the left thigh in the inner area.Your 6th on the other hip area or closer to your butt again, on the opposite side as before. Thus not using up sites too quickly in a day