Humulin R use in insulin pumps

Hello all. Recently lost insurance due to a period of unemployment (occupational hazard for a construction electrician) and went shopping for insulin. I’ve used Novolog in my Medtronic MiniMed since I started using the pump but used Humulin R & N prior to the pump. I was VERY suprised to find that the cost of Novolog was $118 per 10ml vial vs $24 for Humulin. Does anyone out there currently use Humulin R in their pump? Can anyone give me first hand comparisons on their own experience with both types of insulin via an insulin pump? Does anyone know of lower cost, but legitimate, sources for Novolog?


I’m very sorry to hear that. The only thing worse than a sucky economy is having a chronic disease in a sucky economy! I can’t help much with your specific question, but there was a discussion not too long ago on this. Maybe some of the responses will be helpful to you:

Novo Nordisk also has a patient assistance program that might be worth checking out:

There may be someone on here who has experience with it and can let you know what to expect. That would certainly be better than having to switch around your routine to accomodate the slower action times of R. I hope you get back to work soon!

Thanks Tom! I’ll check out the discussion.