Hungry but no appetite

Hi everyone i had a quick question, I’m currently 34 weeks pregnant and have been struggling eating a well balanced meal… I find myself hungry but when i try to eat i just can’t… have any of you ever experinced this, my high risk ob stated this was common in late pregnancy w/diabetes… let me know Thanks!

I’ve been experiencing this my entire life. haha. I hardly ever am hungry. It takes very specific foods for me to get the urge to eat. But, now that I’m pregnant, I’m basically force feeding myself because I know LO needs it. Gained 15 lbs and am 25 weeks along. I’m told that is the high end of “normal” so I’m pretty satisfied.

I suggest you just choose healthy foods. Don’t try to eat big meals- just small ones every few hours should be enough to sustain your baby. I eat a lot of salads with vegetables. Or yogurts. That way, even though I’m not hungry and I’m not eating much- at least what I’m putting in is good for her body.

Good luck!

Hi mama!! Have you found out the sex yet?

After pregnancy I ended up 20 lbs lighter than I was before getting pregnant. First Tri… morning sickness… “ok” second tri…but still a light appetite and Third trimester I didnt like to eat because it made me feel sick… There were times where I would lay in bed fighting with hunger pains because apparently body and baby wanted me to eat, but I knew that once I ate I would feel sick. I had many of nights praying to the porcelin god after giving in to a late night snack or something… My endo said it was probably the baby pushed against my stomach @ wierd appetite thing.

I hated the feeling but now i want it back so I can loose about 50 lbs. lol

I am currently 5 weeks and experiencing the same thing! I just have NO appetite.

I am able to eat, but I don’t have much of an appetite either. My endo has me on a strict diet eating every three hours. That might be why I never feel hungry. I also think that it has to do with the fact that eating is such an emotional thing as well. I know that every time that I eat, I risk a high blood sugar. I do eat all my meals and snacks because I know that my son and I need the nutrition, but I don’t have the appetite that most people would expect of a pregnant woman. I think that whole issue is so different for us!