Hurricane Ida prevents shipment of supplies

I have Medicare which pays for pump and CGM supplies BUT only through Diabetes Management and Supplies in New Orleans. Hurricane Ida made it so that supplies due almost 2 weeks ago have not arrived. Medicare won’t pay for supplies until just before they’re needed so I can’t stock up. Medicare help line wasn’t any use although Minimed said they would furnish if I pay. I only have short acting insulin since that’s what a pump uses. DMS won’t answer calls or email. Anyone else in the same fix?

No, not currently, but I try to build up a little bit of stock each month so I have a box of insets and a box of reservoirs in case I need them.
Harder to do with sensors but I can restart if I need it.

I also have 2 bottles of lantus in my fridge that I keep just in case there is an earthquake or other emergency.
I generally don’t use it and ends up expiring.
After a year past the expiration, I’ll get new ones. Which means usually those bottles last 3 years.

You can get nph from the pharmacy. It’s not taht expensive. Could tide u over.

Prayers to you and all affected.

Can you call your local Red Cross? They generally handle meds. You might try to speak with Disaster Services. If they are overwhelmed, I could call my local Twin Cities chapter and collect information.

which meds/supplies, specifically, are you looking for? Maybe someone on here has extras that they can ship.

Walmart will supply NPH and R over the counter with no prescription - that;'s only gonna work for manual injection.

I used to pump R insulin. You just need to alter the duration to 6 hours.
I don’t recommend it though unless it’s your only option.
You could go low if you don’t watch it carefully

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Thanks for your help. My supplies came! But I am keeping your technique in mind in case I need it later.

Thank you so much. My supplies came! But I’m still interested in how to reset cgm device?

I’m grateful for the responses and have also received some guidance from Medicare so my frustration level is down. Thanks for participating in an interesting site (which I’ll continue to watch)