Hurricane Ida prevents shipment of supplies

I have Medicare which pays for pump and CGM supplies BUT only through Diabetes Management and Supplies in New Orleans. Hurricane Ida made it so that supplies due almost 2 weeks ago have not arrived. Medicare won’t pay for supplies until just before they’re needed so I can’t stock up. Medicare help line wasn’t any use although Minimed said they would furnish if I pay. I only have short acting insulin since that’s what a pump uses. DMS won’t answer calls or email. Anyone else in the same fix?

No, not currently, but I try to build up a little bit of stock each month so I have a box of insets and a box of reservoirs in case I need them.
Harder to do with sensors but I can restart if I need it.

I also have 2 bottles of lantus in my fridge that I keep just in case there is an earthquake or other emergency.
I generally don’t use it and ends up expiring.
After a year past the expiration, I’ll get new ones. Which means usually those bottles last 3 years.

You can get nph from the pharmacy. It’s not taht expensive. Could tide u over.

Prayers to you and all affected.

Can you call your local Red Cross? They generally handle meds. You might try to speak with Disaster Services. If they are overwhelmed, I could call my local Twin Cities chapter and collect information.

which meds/supplies, specifically, are you looking for? Maybe someone on here has extras that they can ship.

Walmart will supply NPH and R over the counter with no prescription - that;'s only gonna work for manual injection.

I used to pump R insulin. You just need to alter the duration to 6 hours.
I don’t recommend it though unless it’s your only option.
You could go low if you don’t watch it carefully

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