Can't get supplies

After much frustrations with insurance this summer I was able to switch from my Medtronic 670g to the Dexcom G6 and Tandem T:slim with Control IQ. I have found it works so much better for me. I ate a giant slice of Costco pizza (something I don’t typically do- actually haven’t eaten one in many years) and stayed under 120 the rest of the day with a spike up to 150 several hours later (actually I think i messed up my dinner bolus). Anyways, Control IQ has kept me in range like I’ve never been before. Well, all 3 weeks of it. Sadly, I disconnected my T:Slim two weeks ago because I ran out of Dexcom sensors. I have great insurance. I have referrals out forever. BUT my 3rd party supplier is based out of New Orleans and was hit by the recent hurricane. I can’t reach anyone. I never received my second month of Dexcom sensors. Rather than be without a CGM for however long this takes to resolve itself I went back to my old Medtronic pump and sensors. It’s been awful. I have had SO MANY insurance issues over the years, but I have never been able to NOT speak with the company that supplies my diabetes gear. I’ve called and found out another company was going to be “helping” them out, but after many calls it appears they are nothing but a glorified answering service. Any one ever experience anything like this?! Anyone else in this predicament? I’ll be calling Dexcom on Monday to complain. My heart goes out to the company and employees for sure, but it’s just a weird thing.

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Did you ask insurance for an alternate supplier? Or if insurance may cover as pharmacy? For pharmacy, most plans provide on line access to formulary.

I can get sensor at pharmacy or dme, cost is lower as pharmacy.

Dexcom has been trying to get more insurance plans to do pharmacy coverage.


It might take some phone calls to your insurer, but it would be worthwhile to try to get through to a person there to arrange an alternate supply. You probably are not the only insured with a supply issue if this supplier is part of the network. Hopefully the insurance company already has a workaround.

Pharmacy benefits department is the place to start…if they will agree to cover Dexcom as pharmacy benefit, even if on a temporary basis until the supplier becomes available, you will have a supply.

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Have you tried calling your Rep? My friend gets her supplies out of New Orleans also and had the same issues that you’re having. Her Rep is sending her some supplies. She gave me permission to share her name if you want to message her on Facebook “Michelle Pelous”