Is anyone familiar with this condition? My doctor is having me tested, as she suspects it could be a problem. High blood pressure, low potassium and diabetes (or even impaired blood glucose) are at play with this.


I was diagnosed with it right around the time I was diagnosed with diabetes. The problem was with adrenal gland adenoma that was overproducing aldosterone. I was given two options: surgery (remove the adrenal gland) or try to lower blood pressure and increase potassium levels with medications. I went with the surgery and it solved the problem.


Now it appears there may be a prob with my kidneys (not dire…but there, none the less).
The next step is an endo. The Renin level went from 7 to 56 in less than 2 weeks. 56 is still within norm, but it’s the big spike that’s a concern, along with the kidneys.


You didn’t mention, were you tested for aldosterone levels? If they are out of range I would look for a nephrologist. It seems he would be the quickest to connect all the dots.


Make sure you have potassium stabilized and it is not falling, since doctors’ appointments will take a while. I used water-soluble tablets of potassium, because hard ones weren’t absorbed by the body very well in my case.


Thank you Dmitry.
The first blood test showed Aldosterone to be 191 and Renin to be 7.3, thus making it a ratio of 26.2.
The second test had Aldosterone at 234 and Renin at 55.7. Ratio 4.2.
Potassium due to the diligent taking of K, was at 4.1 during those last 2 lab results.
Sodium at the very high end of normal.
I think the doctor’s rationale for seeking the advice of an endo, is due to the relationship to the adrenal glands…but, yes, getting a nephrologist’s point of view is a very good idea. Thank you.


I wish I had helpful information to add to this discussion but unfortunately I am uninformed. The best I can do is offer a big hug and these :bouquet:


Thank you Gary…that’s so sweet. Hope all is well with you!


Here is a link for a Yahoo group on Hyperaldosteronism. You will find a lot of useful information on the subject and people who might have more insight on your test numbers. There is also a doctor participates there if I remember correctly. Keep us posted about your progess, though. :slight_smile:



Thank you, Dmitry.