Potassium Levels

Okay so about 2 months after diagnosis (March) I was diagnosed with low potassium and put on supplements for 2 months. I came off of the potassium supplement in May when my bloodwork came back saying my potassium was normal again: 4.5.

Two weeks ago I went back to the doctor and my potassium is now 5.0 which anything above 5.0 is considered high... he did not mention anything about my potassium on my bloodwork or tell me to watch my potassium intake or anything but I am kind of concerned as to why my potassium is mildly high. Anyone else had trouble with their potassium levels?? Thoughts? Is this a normal part of diabetes?

Have you changed your eating patterns at all? Low-carbing can initially cause potassium depletion apparently, but then it would make sense that yours would go back up again if you have added in potassium-rich foods (I don’t know if you have or not). Some foods I eat a lot (almonds, tuna, salmon, yogurt, peanut butter) are very high in potassium.

Well I eat kidney beans, salads, nuts (almonds,peanuts), peanut butter, eggs, cheese, lean beef, and chicken a lot. Since getting my test result back I have began trying to eat a low potassium diet because I do not want my potassium to increase anymore.

Cause for concern is when potassium is 5.2 or higher, which an indicate any number of things including kidney disease. Infection also temporarily raises potassium levels. ACE drugs also raise potassium.

People on insulin can have low potassium. Really high BG depletes potassium, which is why yours may have been low when diagnosed.

Eating potassium rich foods in moderation is the way to go.

My problem is low potassium because of the 2 diuretics that I take along with 2 other high blood pressure meds. I take Klor-Con M20. I was taking 2 a day but had a bout of gasstritis and cut back to one a day.

Thanks for the reply I feel a lot better now! I’ll def watch my potassium intake :slight_smile:
I do take a lot of NSAID advil for pain guess I’ll switch to tylenol. I wonder if sea salt has potassium in it…I eat a LOT of that lol

There’s potassium in salt. But in real unrefined sea salt, the potassium/salt ratio should be correct. Salt & potassium work together when they’re balanced.

Oh ok gotcha! Thanks so much!

yeah that klor con will mess up your stomach! thats what I was on.