Both my daughter and I have been diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia.
Our Doctor is wonderful, a metabolic nutritionist, psycholigist, MD.
He has directed us to follow a very strict diet and it keeps our bg levels from dropping too low. We use too much insulin and will run out if we don’t follow the diet he prescribes.
I have lost about 20 pounds by following this, but wish I could find more information on this condition.


My limited understanding of hyperinsulinemia is that it does not always, but can, lead to type 2 diabetes. What kind of information are you looking for? Your doctor sounds great, and how wonderful that both you and your daughter are able to successfully follow the diet he prescribes. Can he also recommend a source for you guys to both learn more about your condition? It sounds like you’re both doing very well, and I hope that your success continues :slight_smile:

Maybe someone here is more familiar with your situation. I wish you guys luck, and hope that you find out what you need to know! Take care.

I found this on the Mayo Clinic website.

Hyperinsulinemia means you have too much insulin in your blood. It isn’t diabetes. But hyperinsulinemia is often associated with type 2 diabetes.

Insulin is produced by your pancreas and helps regulate blood sugar. Hyperinsulinemia is a sign of an underlying problem that is causing your pancreas to secrete excessive amounts of insulin.

The most common cause of hyperinsulinemia is insulin resistance, a condition in which your body is resistant to the effects of insulin and your pancreas tries to compensate by making more insulin.

Rarely, hyperinsulinemia is caused by:

  • A tumor of the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas (insulinoma)
  • Excessive numbers of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas (nesidioblastosis)

Hyperinsulinemia causes no signs or symptoms unless it causes low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Treatment of hyperinsulinemia is directed at the underlying problem.

Have you been tested to see if your blood sugar is high immediately (half an hour or so) after eating carbohydrates? That can also cause excessive insulin release and your BG goes low. That’s what used to happen to me and it can be the beginning of diabetes. It does cause burn out of Beta cells so you are wise to follow a diet that prevents a big insulin release. Are you following a low carb diet? If so, there are some great sources for recipes etc. on the web. You might want to check out Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution which is very informative on preventing pancreas burn-out.

We both had the fasting test, and the test after eating sertain high carb foods.
We both have the contition, but no tumors or other serious illness that cause this.
We are just looking for more information and trying to educate ourselves.That our Dr. was even able to think we had this and order the blood tests is amazing. I will go the site you recommended, thanks