Hypoglycemia/Seizures r/t Inaccurate Glucometer

TY for your reply, Uff_da

Yes, I’ve had to replace One Touch Verio IQ quite often. I like it so much (when it’s accurate) b/c of all it’s features.

TY for replying, Stuart.

I treat 1st & ask questions later.

But I was too far gone to do either.

Omg, mohe

Just read your post & it scares me. I’m 5 days post seizure & having residual ‘jerking’. And that’s exactly what I thought-that door is open & I’m going to be susceptible…:cold_sweat:

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Atkin’s Protein Diet.

Brian- I have to agree 100%.

I mostly follow Dr. Atkin’s Diet. It’s when I go off & have carbs that I get into trouble with LBS.

I didn’t want to bother my family by awaking them to get me juice. Stupid, of course, in retrospect. Instead I woke the whole neighborhood @ 5 am.

My bs targets were always 85. My monitor avg is in the 90’s. I ‘treat as I eat’.

My new target is 110. Seizures scared me sssooo much!

Worst of all-I ran short of bedside juice b/c my little granddaughter asked for some & I gave her half. Now she feels guilty.

Paramedics said she made them stop before loading into ambulance so she could kiss me.

(Verio IQ)

Stuart-LOL-NO NO NO!

Not humiliated by my family-humiliated being dragged out to the public like that!

@GenieInABottleRN, don’t freak out, but do worry. I nag because I care, LOL. Like your mother used to say! I also loathe seizures.

I no longer drive. N never will again-b/c I can be fine one minute & seizure feeling the next.

My Doc is extremely happy w/my A1C.

Oh, boy. I’m sure there’s a fix for this…as long as its not epilepsy or brain cancer (which its probably not). After my last grand mal I was too scared to drive for 8 months. I was scared to ride a bike. Everything. You’ll know when your body had stabilized. It will happen. I’m sorry this happened to you.

Until you feel better, be careful about baths and swimming. No power tools. Don’t deep fry things (I hear the occasional bad story about when people have a seizure working at McDonalds and dunk one of their hands). Be particularly careful with cooking. I’m hoping you live somewhere near public transportation - that can be a really tough one.

At least you have a lot of experience with how you experience seizures. That’s pretty valuable information. You might just be ‘one of those people’ who’s kinda prone to the old ‘fish flop.’ Some people are just like that. Many, many people will have a seizure in their lifetime - just because. No particular reason. If you have more than one, people who adhere to the loosest definition, may start using the word ‘epilepsy.’ So, you want to think carefully about how you describe this to medical professionals. Diabetics and Epilepsy. Note my bias: I kinda wanna believe this is epilepsy because if you are actually having multiple seizures due to low BG, I think that is MUCH more life threatening.

Thank you so MUCH Mohe-

It’s ALL b/c of faulty meter…

I don’t mention it b/c I know the cause-and Doc’s can’t fix faulty meters…