I HATE diabetes, and Medtrtonics more so!

I have the paradigm 723, and what a piece the cgm is with it, Lets see had a 430 yesterday, and now? says 360, but I never believe this CGM. One time it said I was going low, I checked it and it said, 312? stupid pump! I almost WANT to go back on injections. Or even my old pump from Animus, rarely had any issues with that one, unlike this one.
And the trainer I had was absolutely a fly by night, write down notes for me to look at, oh, and throw a kind of quick crash course of learning at ya, kind of rep! HORRIBLE for me, I am not going to learn from notes! And I just did all the courses on mylearning, and thats another joke, it has common thoughts, not the trouble ones that I, and alot of other people might run into!
NEVER, had these issues on either shots, or the Animus pump!
I have a time bomb attached to me!

OK, take a deep breath. Now step back and let’s take a look on what is happening. OK, so there are two pieces here. One the pump part of the equation and two the CGM portion.
When you calibrate are you stable? I actually calibrate a few times a day, like before breakfast when I know I am stable and maybe if i have a late lunch or before dinner. And of course when it yells at me.
Have you tried to contact your trainer again to reconnect and get more help on the troubles that the online help didn’t cover? Don’t forget the CGM can be as much as 20 minutes behind, so if you are dropping at a fast rate it won’t let you know. You may want to turn on your fall rate alarm to let you know you are dropping too fast so you can check your sugar prior to the pump reading your low number.

Now what kind of pump issues are you having or are they just related to the CGM reading? Did Animas have a connected CGM, i don’t think so. So one issue is not going to be the same. I think if you try to look at them as separate but integrated systems, it might be easier to adjust. Let me know any other specific issues and we’ll see if we can help on here.
Good luck.

I feel your pain! Your trainer may not have explained to you the delay in communication between the cgm, the pump, and you. You may have been running a bg of say 60, so without realizing this you ate something which brought you up to a bg of 320. But by the time the cgm picked up on that 60 and told you about it, you had already brought yourself up to the 320. So thats the # the meter tells you. Your meter will give you a more accurate immediate reading. It also helps to hit the esc button on your pump and look at the graphs. I hate the cgm too, but the data it saves and provides to the doctor can be lifesaving. Gotta do it, at least for a couple weeks before each dr visit. You’re not alone!

Yes, CGM is a mess in my eyes too. I am considered a brittle diabetic (can go hi or low quickly) and my Docs have told me CGM is not for us brittles. I found this to be true when i tried it. The pump has been going fine for over 11 years then came cgm and all went to Hades! The cgm would tell me something ridiculous so of course i had to check my blood by meter and the meter was not in sync with the cgm BUT the meter told me the real deal. So why use a cgm when i still have to stick myself in the finger to get a real reading. I gave up on the whole CGM deal and went back to peacful life with my pump. I am one of those T1’s that cannot use CGM successfully. Perhaps this is what’s happening to you too.

Why not just use the pump WITHOUT the CGM?

No one says you have to use both… I wouldn’t use a MM CGM if they paid me and provided all the sensors I wanted for free…

I don’t like diabetes either , now or 28 plus years ago …but let’s face it : one does the best one can in order to live a reasonable life …my choice …your choice or else .
Why did you change from MDI to Animas to MM ?? …read on your page Omnipod next .

your right now I am thinking about omnipod, have yet to see any false responses to it:)

Just a quick note regarding why use a CGMS if you still need to finger stick. It’s like comparing a Polaroid to a video camera. Yes the fingerstick tells you where you are right this second, but the CGMS puts it into perspective as to the trending, etc. Used together, it tells the whole story. Remember to always finger stick before making corrections, because as we know, CGMS is not perfect and is not telling you the here and now.