Hypoglycemia, what the blank?

After eight months I again have a nasty urinary tract infection. I started Septra DS several days ago and now I’m having mild episodes of hypoglycemia. Nothing else has changed so I’m thinking it’s the antibiotic. I went from 60s to 140 back to 60s up to 175 and down to 97 from this afternoon to this evening. (175 from overtreating the low). I actually waited to take my Insulin after eating dinner, I didn’t want the shakes again.
On the internet I see reactions between oral diabetic meds and Septra DS but nothing about insulin. Has anybody else had this happen?

Afraid I don’t remember which antibiotic it was, but I had hypos from an antibiotic I took for a sinus infection. I only took basal insulin when I was on them because bolus sent me too low. This is a helpful guide to meds & BG http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/images/tools/DrugListAffectingBloodGlucose.pdf

Not necessarily the insulin is affected. Another possibility is a reduction in the Glycogen production of your liver. Your basal is adjusted to this ongoing stream of Glycogen. If this stream is weaker than expected then the basal will have more impact.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve noticed it kicks in later in the day so by dinner I’m always low. I’m leaving the basal alone but am backing off on the mealtime bolus for now.