Experience with Type 1 Diabetes and Flagyl Antiobiotic

Hey guys, quick question. Has anyone had a insulin resistance issue with taking Flagyl antibiotic? I started taking it and noticed that my basal needs needed to be adjusted and then my carb ratios and correction factor. I’ve been on this medication for 4 days and ended up in the ER on the second day because I could not control my high blood sugar, was not able to speak for more than three words before gasping for air, was so incredibly thirsty just like at my diagnoses. So I’m just curious, has anyone else had a reaction like this to Flagyl? Today I took it and went up very high again, no matter how much insulin I threw at it! I’m now not taking it and my blood sugar is finally coming back to a nice healthy 135 I’m having to adjust the basal again and switch back to my normal profile. The antibiotic was for a very strong tooth/jaw infection to prepare me for a root canal. I’m wondering if there is something different that is stronger than penicillin but not Flagyl.


I have not used this medication. However, I do have an observation. Sometimes the underlying infection creates the resistance. I have noticed this while taking Keflex and yes i hate it. I suggest completing the course of antibiotics to full term. Then being careful once you go off the medication. You might find your settings are delivering to much insulin once it is discontinued.

Do you usually correct to only 135?

I just started taking Flagyl for a bacteria infection and my blood sugars are so high! I’m on my 3rd day and I woke up a 444! I’m on an insulin pump and my numbers are usually in normal range or very close. I really need to take the full dose of 7 days so I hope I can get my numbers under control while finishing out this medicine!

Several years ago, I was prescribed Flagyl for a condition caused by clostridium difficile or C. diff. Is that the infection you’re fighting with Flagyl?

It took me two courses of Flagyl to restore some bacterial balance to my gut. My BGs were high and difficult to control. I don’t remember going as high as 400+ but the highs were stubborn. I was aggressive with my corrections and I kept a close eye on my blood glucose levels with my CGM. I I also remember trying to stay well hydrated by drinking lots of water. Once the C. diff. overgrowth was brought under control my blood glucose control returned.